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Gynecologist - Obstetrician (OB/GYN) is a physician/medical expert who incorporates medical and surgical care to women and has a high level of expertise in pregnancy, childbirth and the health of the reproductive system.

There was a time when giving birth to a new offspring was one of the most easiest and pleasant thing. It was considered to be a very natural process. One hardly feels any body’s substantial requirement to go through this process of giving birth like in animals. But with changing life style and unhealthy ways of living this process has become a tough and dangerous process. A lot of pre and post care for the women and offspring is required to pass through this process safely.

A physician/medical expert who incorporates medical and surgical care to women and has a high level of expertise in pregnancy, childbirth and the health of the reproductive system is known as a Gynecologist/obstetrician also known as GYNE in common parlance.

A gynecologist is the professional whose presence and care has become must for the safe birth of a child because of increasing complications during pregnancy now a day. She is a professional who acts as a demy God during that time delivery. There was a time when this was not at all considered as a profession. But with the passing time and materialization of any thing and every thing this noble service has also takes the shape of a profession. But even then the Gynecologists at least in this part of the world are considered next to the God. This is still considered as the noblest profession in the world in spite of its losing some of its respect because of the misdeeds of some of its fraternity members.

Although huge fee is charged for brining the noblest creation of the God to this world but still most of this fraternity member consider it as their obligation to do justice to their duty with utmost care and honesty leaving some inhumane ones.

With the changed living conditions, lifestyles and high-stress levels there has been an increase in the pregnancy related ailments affecting the large population all over the world and specially the third world including Indian subcontinent, thereby making the role of a Gynecologist even more important in today’s context

So there is a good scope for today’s younger generation to make their career in this profession claim not only good monetary fortunes but also high respect in the society.

But to become a Gynecologist requires a lot of hard work, dedication and spirit to sever the society although with some remuneration in lieu of providing its services. Besides one should have discipline, patience, commitment to excel in their respective field and self-confidence. If you have all these qualities in you then your are fit for being a GYNE as it is such a field that a mistake of yours can take a precious life and ruing a family’s fortunes.

Eligibility to become a Gynecologist

To be a qualified gynecologist one has to follow the below given path:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

1. Educational Qualification

To be eligible for joining MBBS course one should be 10+2 Class pass with Physics, chemistry and Biology (PCB) as main subjects and for institutions with at least 60% marks.

How to become a Gynecologist?

Step 1

Interested candidate has to appear in an entrance tests conducted by the  various state  and Independent bodies like PMT, taken by Punjab Government and CBSE-PMT( pre medical test) taken by the Central board to admit candidates in various medical institutions attached with it according to the rank of the candidate in the entrance exam.

CBSE PMT, conducted by the CBSE, is a highly-coveted national level entrance exam. It is conducted in two stages, the preliminary and the final exam. The exam is objective type and tests you rigorously in subjects like physics, chemistry and biology. Since negative marking is the rule here, the test is extremely competitive.

Separate test are conducted by some of the highly rated medical institutions like AIIMS, PGI, GMCH, AFMC Pune etc

These exams are generally held in the month of May-June and consists of Objective type questions on the subject of English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology though number of questions and pattern may vary from test to test.
The results of these exams are generally out by June/July

Step 2

After completing this four  and half years of (MBBS) Degree course in which one has to study (subjects which include anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, forensic medicine and toxicology, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, anesthesiology, community medicine, medicine, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatrics, psychiatry and surgery). One has to go for specialization in Gynecology i.e one has to join MD in the specific filed.

For joining two years of MD course one has to compete in entrance examination taken by some Medical Institutes of repute like PGIMR in Chandigarh and AIIMS in Delhi.

Step 3

After completing MD and registering with the concerned medical association one can either go for some job in Nursing Homes or State run hospitals or can opt for his own Nursing home after getting some on job experience.

Fees and Other Expenditures: Although varying from college to college, the total course fee for an MBBS degree and specialization in GYNE ranges from anywhere near  few thousands in a government college to around Rs 20 lac and even higher in private institutes.

Gynecologist Career Prospects

There is a lot of scope for those who are opting Gynecologist as career in the present scenario. Apart from joining a private or government hospital as a assistant GYNE, younger doctors can find lucrative placements with huge salaries in corporate hospitals.

Gynecologist Salary

Gynecologist can expect a starting salary between Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000 depending upon the competence of the individual Gynecologist. There is a lot of money in private practice as well and it only gets better for candidates as they win the trust of the patients and the goodwill is spread by word of mouth to attract more patients to the Nursing home.

A couple of years  dedicated work and some experience along with a masters degree could lead a Gynecologist to a pay package of nearly  Rs one-12 lac per month  There is no upper ceiling to the earnings of a competent and capable Gynecologist. One can also be a visiting Gynecologist at several hospitals and charge by the hour.

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