M.A. (English Literature)

Master of Arts in English Literature

Duration: 2 Years
Level: Post Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: Graduation

M.A. English Literature or Master of Arts in English Literature is a postgraduate English Language programme. The degree is awarded after successful completion of a two years program or course that includes comprehensive study of both ancient and modern English Literature comprising poetry, prose and fiction. The course also includes thorough study of Indian Writings in English Literature from its very early times to the contemporary ones. After passing the course they have many career options in educational and other fields.

M.A. English Literature Eligibility

  • The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing M.A. (English Literature) degree is graduation with English as one of the subjects from any of the recognised university/college of the country.
  • Some of the very reputed universities and institutes demand a minimum of 50% marks in graduation as qualifying criteria to secure admission in this course and also conduct entrance examination to get admission to their M.A. (English Literature) degree course. Selection to the degree course in these colleges is based on marks secured in the final merit i.e. total marks aggregated in the final exams of graduation and the entrance exam.

M.A. English Literature Syllabus

Syllabus of English Literature as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


African/African American English Studies


American Literature 


British Literature I (Chaucer to Milton)


British Literature II (Dryden to Romantic Age)


British Literature III (Victorian Age to Modern Period)


Common Wealth Literature 


English Language 


Indian Writing in English 


Literary Theory 


Methods of Teaching English




M.A. English Literature Colleges

M.A. English Literature Course Suitability

  • Candidates having good teaching aptitudes and other related skills also are suitable for the course.
  • Applicants who want to know about English literature, tradition and culture, etc. are most appropriate for it.
  • Those who want to become teacher, lecturer and translator also can go for this course.

How is M.A. English Literature Course Beneficial?

  • M.A. (English Literature) degree serves as a basis for further higher studies and research in this field such as Ph.D. and M.Phil. degree in English Literature.
  • The course prepares students for teaching and for creative English writing.
  • M.A. (English Literature) degree holder can build career in English journalism also.

M.A. English Literature Employment Areas

  • Administration
  • Advertising Industry
  • Civil Services
  • Corporate Communications
  • Content Development and ITES Firms
  • Indian Civil Services
  • Insurance Industry
  • Jobs with BPO and KPO firms
  • Journalism and Reporting
  • Law Schools
  • Libraries
  • National as well as International Magazines
  • On-line Tutoring
  • Own Tuition Centres for the English Language
  • Politics
  • Print or Online Publications
  • Publishing Houses
  • Research
  • Communications Industry
  • Public Relations
  • Teaching
  • Television Media
  • Translation Agencies

M.A. English Literature Job Types

  • Consultant
  • Decoder
  • Campaign Manager
  • Tourist Guide
  • Editor
  • Freelance Writer
  • Independent Literary Critic
  • Content Writer
  • Translator
  • Interpreter
  • Linguist
  • Teacher/Lecturer
  • Novelist
  • Proof Reader
  • Copywriter
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Reporter
  • Speech Writer
  • Technical Writer

Advance Courses in M.A. English Literature

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