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National Institutes of Technology - NITs converted from Regional Engineering Colleges to their present incarnation are a group of  nearly thirty reputed Engineering colleges in India having autonomous institutions located all over India in practically every major state. Earlier these Engineering Colleges abbreviated REC’s were governed by their respective state governments. After enactment of a parliamentary legislation in the year 2002 these Engineering Colleges were brought under the direct control and purview of India's Central Government. Subsequently in year 2007 keeping in view their importance the Indian government declared these Engineering Colleges as Institutes of National Importance at par with much acclaimed Indian Institutes of Technology IIT’s.

Although National Institute of Technology’s  in India were viewed at par with the Indian Institute of Technology -and they are comparing their Study- but National Institute of Technology’s were founded with the motive of promoting regional diversity and multi-cultural understanding in India. To achieve this aim near about half of the candidates in each batch of the Institutes are drawn from the parent state of the NIT and the remaining half seats are open for the students from the other part of the India.

Provision for  the admission to half the seat of NITs from their respective state is the only major difference between the Premium Institutes of Engineering i.e NITs and IITs. Otherwise both the institutes admit candidates on the basis of same exam IIT- JEE.

National Institute of Technology offer degree courses at bachelors, masters, and doctorate levels in various branches of engineering and technology much like IIT’s. NITs in India are considered superior to most of the other Engineering Colleges in India with IIT’s and a few other engineering institutions.

Much like IIT’s, NITs too function autonomously that enables these National Institute of Technology to set up their own dynamic curriculum required with the changing industry requirements.

List of NIT in India

This list of NITs in India provided here can help you to know about National Institutes of Technology, thier ranking according to popularity among the aspirants, their appliction process and admission etc.

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