One Word Substitution for Sentences

“One word substitutes” as the phrase indicates itself are the words that replace group of words or a full sentence effectively without creating any kind of ambiguity in the meaning of the sentences. Like the word “Autobiography” can be used in place of the sentence “The life story of a man written by himself”. It is very important to write precisely and speak in a single word. Generally, we speak or write in a garrulous way. But, it is seen that precise words are always understood easily by all. At times we become verbose which is not required and we are required to talk or speak precisely. This not only makes the language easily comprehendible but also makes it beautiful. The other way, we can say that these words are used to bring an effect of compression in any kind of writing, for example in business communication there are instances when we have to write a lot with in limitation of time and space, there these kind of words can prove quite handy. In English language there are a lots of single words for a group of words that can be used effectively to make the writing to the point that too without losing the meaning of the context.


A person who is above hundred yearsCentenarianMore
A book published after the death of its authorPosthumasMore
A book written by an unknown authorAnonymousMore
A cinema show which is held in the afternoonMatineeMore
A citizen of the worldCosmopoliteMore
A contagious disease which spreads over a huge areaEpidemicMore
A drug or other substance that induces sleepSoporificMore
A flesh eating animalCarnivorousMore
A game in which neither party winsDrawMore
A game in which no one winsDraw-
A Government by a king or queenMonarchyMore
A Government by oneAutocracyMore
A Government by the fewOligarchyMore
A Government by the NoblesAristocracyMore
A Government by the officialsBureaucracyMore
A Government by the peopleDemocracyMore
A Government by the richPlutocracyMore
A grass eating animalHerbivorousMore
A handwriting that cannot be readIllegibleMore
A land animal that breeds in waterAmphibianMore
A letter, poem etc. whose author is unknownAnonymousMore
A life history written by oneselfAutobiographyMore
A life history written by somebody elseBiographyMore
A list of booksCatalogueMore
A loss or damage that cannot be compensatedIrreparableMore
A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathyCallousMore
A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religionFanaticMore
A man who is easily irritatedIrritableMore
A medicine that kills germsGermicideMore
A medicine that prevents decomposingAntisepticMore
A medicine to counteract the effect of another medicineAntidoteMore
A member of the middle classBourgeoisMore
A method that cannot be imitatedInimitable-
A pardonable offenseVenialMore
A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between themArbitratorMore
A person difficult to pleaseFastidiousMore
A person liable to be called to account for his actionAnswerableMore
A person supported by another and giving him/her nothing in returnParasiteMore
A person who always thinks of himselfEgotistMore
A person who cannot read or writeIlliterate-
A person who does not believe in the institution of marriageMisogamistMore
A person who hates womenMisogynistMore
A person who imports or exports goods into or from a country secretly because they are illegalSmugglerMore
A person who knows everythingOmniscientMore
A person who loves every bodyAltruistMore
A person who readily believes whatever is told to him/her.CredulousMore
A person who remains unmoved and unaffected by other people's opinions, suggestionsImperviousMore
A person who speaks two languagesBilingualMore
A person with an evil reputationNotoriousMore
A person's peculiar habitIdiosyncrasyMore
A place where orphans liveOrphanageMore
A place where weapons and ammunitions are storedArsenalMore
A position for which no salary is paidHonorary-
A post held without receiving salaryHonorary-
A post which doesnHonorary-
A sentence whose meaning is unclearAmbiguousMore
A short message added on to the end of a letter after the signaturePostscriptMore
A shortened form of a word or phraseAbbreviationMore
A sound that cannot be heardInaudibleMore
A speech delivered without any previous preparationExtemporeMore
A state of perfect balanceEquilibriumMore
A statement which cannot be understoodIncomprehensibleMore
A study of ancient thingsArchaeologyMore
A study of animalsZoologyMore
A study of birdsOrnithologyMore
A study of derivation of wordsEtymologyMore
A study of manAnthropologyMore
A study of racesEthnologyMore
A study of the bodyPhysiologyMore
A supposed cure for all diseases or problemsPanaceaMore
A thing no longer in useObsoleteMore
A thing that cannot be seen with human eyesInvisibleMore
A thing that is fit to be eatenEdibleMore
A word opposite in meaning to anotherAntonymMore
Absence of governmentAnarchyMore
An animal or a human being that eats any kind of foodOmnivorousMore
An animal who preys on other animalsPredatorMore
An assembly of hearers at a lecture or concertAudienceMore
An exact copyFacsimileMore
An office with high salary but no workSinecureMore
Anything that leads to deathFatalMore
Assembly or parliament in which no party has got clear majorityHungMore


Belonging or pertaining to an individual from birthCongenitalMore
Belonging to the Middle AgesMedievalMore


Celebration of a hundredth year, onceCentenaryMore
Cut off the headBeheadMore


Do away with whollyAbolishMore


General pardonAmnestyMore
General pardon for political offendersAmnestyMore


Handwritten bookManuscriptMore
Hard but liable to be easily brokenBrittleMore
Hater of mankindMisanthropistMore
Having opposing feelingsAmbivalentMore


Incapable of being dissolved in a liquidInsolubleMore
Incapable of being seized by attackImpregnableMore
Inscription on a tombstoneEpitaphMore


Liable to be called to accountAccountableMore


Medical examination of a dead bodyPostmortemMore
Misappropriation of moneyEmbezzlementMore
Murder of a brotherFratricide-
Murder of a fatherPatricideMore
Murder of a human beingHomicideMore
Murder of a motherMatricideMore
Murder of an infantInfanticideMore
Murder of selfSuicideMore
Murder of the kingRegicideMore


Of a man showing feminine attributesEffeminate-
Of a person who can use both hands equally wellAmbidextrousMore
Of animals feeding on grass and plantsHerbivorous-
Of animals living in flocksGregariousMore
One incapable of being tiredIndefatigableMore
One who always thinks himself to be illValetudinarianMore
One who believes in fateFatalistMore
One who believes in GodTheistMore
One who calculates premiumActuaryMore
One who can do anything for moneyMercenaryMore
One who can throw his voiceVentriloquistMore
One who cannot be correctedIncorrigibleMore
One who changes sidesTurncoatMore
One who copies from other writersPlagiaristMore
One who damages public propertyVandalMore
One who dies without a WillIntestateMore
One who does not believe in the existence of GodAtheistMore
One who does not care for art, literature etcPhilistineMore
One who does not make mistakesInfallibleMore
One who does something not professionally but for pleasureAmateurMore
One who doubts the existence of godAgnosticMore
One who eats too muchGluttonMore
One who feels sympathetic towards human beingsHumanitarianMore
One who goes on footPedestrianMore
One who has narrow and prejudiced religious viewsBigotMore
One who has no moneyPauperMore
One who has strange habitsEccentricMore
One who hates mankindMisanthropeMore
One who helps others GoodSamaritanMore
One who is a newcomerNeophyteMore
One who is all powerfulOmnipotentMore
One who is easily deceivedGullibleMore
One who is fond of sensuous pleasuresEpicureMore
One who is greedy for moneyAvariciousMore
One who is indifferent to pleasure or painStoicMore
One who is new to a trade or professionNoviceMore
One who is out to subvert a governmentAnarchistMore
One who is present everywhereOmnipresentMore
One who is qualifies for election.EligibleMore
One who is quite like a womanEffeminateMore
One who is recovering from illnessConvalescent-
One who is unable to pay his debtsInsolventMore
One who is unmarriedCelibateMore
One who knows many languagesPolyglotMore
One who lives in a foreign countryImmigrantMore
One who looks on the bright side of thingsOptimistMore
One who looks on the dark side of thingsPessimistMore
One who loves booksBibliophileMore
One who loves mankindPhilanthropistMore
One who makes an official examination of accountsAuditorMore
One who pretends to be what he is notHypocriteMore
One who pursues some art or sport as hobbyAmateurMore
One who questions everythingCynicMore
One who speaks lessReticentMore
One who thinks only of himselfEgoistMore
One who thinks only of welfare of womenFeministMore
One who works for freeVolunteerMore


People living at the same timeContemporariesMore
People who work togetherColleaguesMore
Person who rides on horse-backEquestrianMore
Practice of having one wife or husbandMonogamyMore
Practice of having several husbandsPolyandryMore
Practice of having several wivesPolygamy-
Practice of having two wives or husbandsBigamyMore


Recovering from illnessConvalescentMore
Remarks which do not apply to the subject under discussionIrrelevant-
Rule by the mobMobocracyMore


Science of coins or medalsNumismaticsMore
Science of origin of universeCosmologyMore
Some on who attacks firstAggressorMore
Somebody or something with the same name as somebody or something elseNamesakeMore
Somebody who eats human fleshCannibal-
Somebody who is considerably experienced in somethingVeteranMore
Someone who doesn't eat meatVegetarian-
Something that cannot be imitatedInimitable-
Something that has been determined beforehandForegoneMore
Something that is essential and cannot be dispensed withIndispensableMore
Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burnedInflammableMore
State of antagonismHostility-
Statements open to more than one interpretationAmbiguousMore
Study of environmentEcologyMore
Systematic study of election trendsPsephologyMore


That cannot be altered or withdrawnIrrevocableMore
That is prohibited by lawIllicitMore
That through which light can partly passTranslucentMore
That through which light can passTransparentMore
That through which light cannot passOpaqueMore
That which cannot be avoidedInevitableMore
That which cannot be believedIncredibleMore
That which cannot be conqueredInvincibleMore
That which cannot be curedIncurableMore
That which cannot be defendedIndefensibleMore
That which cannot be describedIndescribableMore
That which cannot be explainedInexplicableMore
That which cannot be hurtInvulnerableMore
That which cannot be imitatedInimitableMore
That which cannot be noticedImperceptibleMore
That which cannot be practicedImpracticableMore
That which cannot be satisfiedInsatiableMore
That which does not bear the name of the writerAnonymousMore
That which is against lawIllegalMore
That which is lawfulLegalMore
That which is unlikely to happenImprobableMore
The action of looking back on past timeIntrospectionMore
The area over which an official has controlJurisdictionMore
The branch of biology dealing with plant lifeBotanyMore
The custom of having more than one wife at a timePolygamyMore
The first speech made by a personMaidenMore
The period between childhood and adulthoodAdolescenceMore
The science which treats with lifeBiologyMore
To date before the true timeAntedateMore
To explain something mysterious or difficultElucidateMore
To free somebody from all blameExonerateMore
To go down in valueDepreciateMore
To go from bad to worseDeteriorateMore
To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a diseaseAggravateMore
To increase the speed; to hasten the progress ofAccelerateMore
To lay special stress onEmphasizeMore
To rise in valueAppreciateMore
To root out an evil, diseaseEradicateMore
To take away some oneDisenfranchisementMore
To take somebody away by force and hold him or her prisoner, usually for ransomKidnapMore
To transfer one's authority to anotherDelegateMore
To turn friends in enemiesAlienateMore
To write under a different namePseudonymMore


Violating the sanctity of a churchSacrilegeMore


Water fit for drinkingPotableMore
Without lifeInanimateMore
Without paymentGratisMore
Words which have the same meaningSynonymsMore
Words written on the tomb of a personEpitaph-
Work for which no salary is paidHonoraryMore
Worship of idolsIdolatryMore
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