Ph.D. (Rural Development)

Doctrate of Philosophy in Rural Development

Duration: 3 Years
Level: Doctorate
Type: Degree
Eligibility: Post Graduation

Ph.D. Rural Development or Doctorate of Philosophy in Rural Development is a Doctorate level Rural Development and Management course. Rural Development is an economic and community development actions and initiatives that taken to improve the standard of living in non-urban neighbourhoods, remote villages and the countryside. During the course the candidates are introduced to the various aspects and spheres of rural development. The duration of Ph.D. (Rural Development) is two years on minimum basis and that of five years on maximum. After completing the degree the candidates finally have to submit their “thesis” to respective authority concerned. The Doctorate degree provides many job opportunities to the candidates in various fields.

Ph.D. Rural Development Eligibility

  • Those possessing MARD with B grade are included as a category eligible for enrolment in Ph.D. Programme in Rural Development, provided they submit two papers on their chosen subject for Ph.D. and subject to their acceptance by the Doctoral Committee.
  • Those who possess M.Phil. in any subject, (other than Rural Development) may take three compulsory course; namely:-
  1. MRD-101 Rural Development-Indian Context
  2. MRD-103 Rural Development Planning & Management
  3. MRD-104 Research Methods in Rural Development
  • However, the Doctoral Committee may exempt a candidate from taking the Research methodology course, if they feel so.
  • Those from other streams (other than Rural Development) not having M.Phil. will have to undergo three compulsory courses and also submit two papers as outlined in item (i) above.

Selection Mode for the Doctorate Course 

There is no entrance test for enrolment to Ph.D. in Rural Development. The mode of selection is given below:

  • The candidate is expected to identify a topic for pursuing Ph.D. degree in Rural Development, after thorough review of literature on the subject.
  • The candidate then prepares project proposal on the topic, either independently or with the help of a local supervisor to be identified by the candidate. (A brief note for facilitating applicants to write Ph.D. proposal is available under SOCE at IGNOU website).
  • The proposal along with the application form is sent to the Research Unit, IGNOU.
  • The Research Unit, after initial scrutiny forwards the proposal and application to the School of Continuing Education.
  • The proposal is then subjected to initial examination by the Ph.D. Coordinator/in house faculty and if found unsuitable, returned to the candidate with the comments and candidate is requested to resubmit.
  • If the proposal is cleared by the initial scrutiny, or resubmitted by the candidate after incorporating the suggestions as mentioned above, it is then sent to an expert member of the Doctoral Committee for examination.
  • The proposal along with the comments of the expert is then placed before the Ph.D. Doctoral Committee for its examination and recommendations.
  • The Doctoral Committee may ask a candidate to make proposal presentation before the Doctoral Committee, if it feels so.
  • The recommendations of the Doctoral Committee are then placed before the School Board and subsequently before the Research Council.

Ph.D. Rural Development Syllabus

Syllabus of Rural Development as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sr. No.

Subject of Study


Rural Development - Indian Context


Rural Development - Planning and Management


Research Methods - Rural Development


Ph.D. Rural Development Colleges

Ph.D. Rural Development Course Suitability

  • Candidates those think about India’s development and like neat and clean environment for rural India (as more than 70% population live here) are most suitable for the course.
  • Those who want to join the Social Activist Groups also can go this course as they can raise the demands of the grass root level people the concerned authority.

How is Ph.D. Rural Development Course Beneficial?

  • There are a lot of job scopes for them in agriculture sector, because companies offering agriculture jobs in India and abroad. Listed are agriculture consultants for government jobs in agriculture.
  • They can also join the political stream for putting more emphasis on rural development.
  • Self employment is an evergreen field for the agrarian family candidates.

Ph.D. Rural Development Job Types

  • Director - Business Development (Rural)
  • Zonal Sales Manager - Rural
  • Area Manager - Rural/Agriculture
  • Rural Territory manager
  • Business Development Officer
  • Chief Product Development Officer
  • Senior Manager/AGM - Rural Electrification & Distribution
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