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B.Sc. (Chemistry)

Duration:3 Years

Course Detail

Course Code  

Course Name

CH 001

Chemistry I

CH 002

Chemistry II

CH 011

Chemistry (Lab)

CH 022

Chemistry Lab

CH 101

Chemistry I

CH 102

Chemistry II

CH 103


CH 104

Chemistry II

CH 115

Chemistry Lab I

CH 116

Chemistry Lab II

CH 117

Chemistry Lab

CH 206

Principles of Chemical Analysis (Inorganic Chemistry Lab I)

CH 210

Inorganic Chemistry I

CH 211

Physical Chemistry I

CH 214

Physical Chemistry II

CH 215

Physical Chemistry Lab I

CH 217

Physical Chemistry I

CH 221

Organic Chemistry I

CH 222

Organic Chemistry II

CH 316

Inorganic Chemistry Lab II

CH 317

Organic Chemistry Lab I

CH 318

Organic Chemistry Lab II

CH 338

Physical Chemistry Lab II

CH 351

Chemistry III

CH 402

Thermal and Photochemical Reactions

CH 416

Physical Organic Chemistry

CH 418

Organic Chemistry Lab. III

CH 419

Separation Techniques Lab

CH 423

Organic Chemistry III

CH 424

Organic Chemistry IV

CH 425

Chemical Bond and Molecular Geometry

CH 426

Rate Processes

CH 427

Chemical and Statistical Thermodynamics

CH 429

Modern Methods of Analysis

CH 432

Inorganic Chemistry Lab III

CH 433

Physical Chemistry Lab II

CH 434

Physical Chemistry Lab III

CH 437

Chemistry of Transition Elements

CH 438

Chemistry of Main Group Elements

CH 440

Introduction to Biomolecules

CH 442

Molecular Spectroscopy

CH 443


CH 481

Chemistry and Computers

CH 502

Synthesis & Characterisation of Inorganic Compound

CH 504

Computational Chemistry

CH 506

Inorganic & Bioinorganic Reaction Mechanisms

CH 507

Methods in Organic Synthesis

CH 508

Bio-organic Chemistry

CH 509

Physical Organic Chemistry

CH 511

Integrated Lab

CH 513

Inorganic Lab

CH 515

Organic Lab

CH 517

Physical Chemistry Lab IV

CH 519

Integrated Lab. I

CH 521

Interpretative Molecular Spectroscopy

CH 522

Chemistry of Coordination Compounds

CH 523

Moleculat Spectroscopy

CH 524

Bio-Inorganic Chemistry

CH 528

Natural Products

CH 540

Drugs and Biologically Active Compounds

CH 544

Organic Reagents and Reactions

CH 547

Organometallic Chemistry

CH 550


CH 552

Interfacial Phenomena

CH 556

Polymer Science

CH 559

Solid State Chemistry and its applications

CH 560

Quantum Chemistry

CH 568

Advanced Co-ordination Chemistry

CH 574

Topics in Inorganic Chemistry-I

CH 576

Statistical Mechanics

CH 578

Topics in Inorganic Chemistry II

CH 582

Inorganic Photochemistry

CH 584

Biophysical Chemistry

CH 586

Structure and Properties of Materials

CH 588

Organic Synthesis

CH 590

Thermal and Photochemical Reactions

CH 593

Project Stage I

CH 594

Project Stage II

CH 595


CH 596


CH 597


CH 598


CH 602

Characterization of Polymers

CH 801

Symmetry in Chemistry

CH 802

Thermodynamics and Extra Thermodynamics Relations

CH 804

Pulse and FTNMR Theory and Techniques

CH 805

Stereochemistry and R Activity of Compounds

CH 806

Molecular Photochemistry

CH 807

Organic Synthesis

CH 820

Structure Analysis by Diffraction Methods

CH 821

Topics in Chemistry I

CH 824

Organotransition Metal and Acceptor Ligand Complex

CH 825

New Interfaces of Inorganic Chemistry With Biology

CH 826

Topics in Chemistry

CH 827

Inorganic Complexes

CH 828

Spectra of Organic Compounds

CH 829


CH 831

Advanced Laboratory Techniques

CH 840

Enzymes and Coenzymes

CH 841

Biogenesis and Biosynthesis of Natural Products

CH 842

Elements of Advanced Molecular Quantum Mechanics

CH 846

Atomic and Molecular Relativistic Quantum Mechanic

CH 864






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