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B.Tech. (Aerospace Engineering)

Duration:4 Years

Course Detail

Course Code

Course Name 

Semester - I

AE 152

Introduction to Aerospace Engg.

Semester - II


AE 202


AE 206

Fluid Mechanics

AE 207

Introduction to Engineering Design

AE 209

Solid Mechanics

AE 212

Instrumentation Laboratory

AE 213

Aerospace Structures I

AE 214


AE 215

Aerospace Mesaurement Laboratory

AE 216

Fluid Mechanics

AE 217

Measurements and Instrumentation

AE 218

Aerospace Structures II

AE 220

Aerospace Structural Mechanics

AE 230

Modeling and Simulation Laboratory

Semester - III


AE 301

Fluid Mechanics II

AE 305

Flight Mechanics II

AE 308

Control Theory

AE 309

Aircraft Propulsion

AE 310

Engineering Design Optimization

AE 312

Aerodynamics Laboratory

AE 314

Aircraft Structures Laboratory

AE 315

Aerodynamics of Aerospace Vehicles

AE 316

Aircraft Propulsion Laboratory

AE 317

Aerospace Structures III

AE 318

Flight Mechanics Lab

AE 320

Computational Fluid Dynamics

AE 327

Heat Transfer

AE 329


AE 330

Aerospace Propulsion

AE 331

System Modeling, Dynamics & Control

AE 332

Aircraft Design

AE 333


AE 334

Control Systems Lab

AE 336

Aircraft Production

AE 338

Space Flight Mechanics

AE 388

Practical Training

AE 397


Semester - IV


AE 402

Smart Materials and Structures

AE 411

Control Systems Laboratory

AE 415

Spaceflight Mechanics

AE 417

Aircraft Design Lab.

AE 418

Aircraft Design Lab II

AE 419

Supervised Learning

AE 433

Vibration and Structural Dynamics

AE 443

Introduction to Composite Structures

AE 451

Numerical Methods for Engineers

AE 454

Dynamics and Bifurcations

AE 455

Introduction to Aeroelasticity

AE 456

Optimization in Design

AE 457

Space Flight Navigation & Guidance

AE 459

Classical Dynamics

AE 460

Heat Transfer - Aerospace Applications

AE 461

Aviation Fuels and their Combustion

AE 462

Durability and Reliability Analysis in Design

AE 478

Dynamical Systems

AE 495

Works Visits

AE 496

M.Tech. Project Stage I

AE 497

B. Tech. Project I

AE 498

B.Tech.Project II

Semester - V


AE 595

M.Tech. Project Stage II

AE 596

M.Tech Project Stage III

Semester - VI


AE 604

Advanced Topics in Aerospace Structures

AE 605

Mini Project

AE 607

Aerospace Propulsion Laboratory

AE 611

Aerodynamics Lab

AE 613

Panel Methods in Aerodynamics

AE 616

Gas Dynamics

AE 617

Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws

AE 619

Non-linear Systems Analysis

AE 622

Computing of High Speed Flows

AE 624

Hypersonic Flow Theory

AE 625

Particle Methods for Fluid Flow Simulation

AE 641

Introduction to Navigation and Guidance

AE 643

Durability and Reliability Analysis in Design

AE 651

Aerodynamics of Compressors and Turbines

AE 652

Mechanical Design of Gas Turbine Components

AE 656

Aviation Fuels and their Combustion

AE 658

Design of Powerplants for Aircraft

AE 659

Aircraft Engine Sizing

AE 673

Fiber Reinforced Composites

AE 676

Elastic Analysis of Plates and Laminates

AE 678


AE 690

Control System Design Techniques

AE 693

Non-linear Control Systems

AE 694


AE 695

State Space Methods for Flight Vehicles

AE 696

I Stage Project

AE 697

II Stage Project

AE 698

III Stage Project

AE 699

Control Systems Lab

Semester - VII


AE 702

Advanced Flight Dynamics

AE 703

Digital Control Systems

AE 705

Introduction to Flight

AE 706

Computational Fluid Dynamics

AE 707

Aerodynamics of Aerospace Vehicles

AE 708

Aerospace Propulsion

AE 709

Aerospace Structures

AE 711

Aircraft Propulsion

AE 712

Flight Dynamics and Control

AE 713

Space Flight Dynamics

AE 714

Aircraft Design

AE 715

Structural Dynamics

AE 717

Aircraft Flight Dynamics

AE 719

Advanced CFD

AE 722

Grid Generation for Computational Mechanics

AE 723

Control of Gas Turbine Engines

AE 724

Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics

AE 725

Air Transportation

AE 726

Heat Transfer - Aerospace Applications

AE 727

Aircraft Structural Mechanics Lab.

AE 728

Aircraft Production Technology

AE 730

Experimental Methods in Structural Dynamics

AE 732

Composite Structures Analysis and Design

AE 736

Advanced Aeroelasticity

AE 751

Systems Modeling and Simulation Theory

AE 752

Application of Optimization - Laboratory

AE 753

Aerospace Vehicle Mission Analysis

AE 754

Modeling and Simulation - Laboratory

AE 755

Optimization for Engineering Design

AE 757

Communication Competencies and Seminar

AE 759

Systems Engineering Principles

AE 761

Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics and Control

AE 763

Introduction to Avionics

AE 765

Introduction to Concurrent Engineering

AE 769

System Modelling, Control and Simulation

AE 770

Classical Dynamics

AE 771

Matrix Computations

AE 773

Applied Mechatronics

AE 774

Special Topics in Aerodynamics and CFD

AE 775

System Modelling, Dynamics and Control

AE 779

Optimization of Multi-disciplinary Systems

AE 780

Computational Heat Transfer

AE 782

Flow Control

AE 797

I Stage Project

AE 799

Control Systems Laboratory

Semester - VIII



I Stage Project


II stage project


III stage project


I Stage Project



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