PUE Karnataka Board of the Pre-University Education

The Karnataka Board of Pre-University Education presently known as Department of Pre-University Education is an Independent Commissionerate dealing with First year and Second year Pre-University classes (11th and 12th standards). This is the distinctive feature of the State. Pre-University Education is a link between Secondary Education and Higher Education including Professional and General Education. All the colleges offering Pre-University Education come under the control of Department of Pre-University Education. The scheme of Pre-University stage was introduced in the state in 1957 as a substitute for the old intermediate. This was made into a two-year course in 1972, after the Board of Pre-University Education was established in 1970. Schooling was reduced to 10 years (SSLC). The two-year PUC is now being imparted in PU colleges that are run by government and private bodies. The Composite PU colleges, Independent PU colleges and the PUC in the First grade colleges - all these impart this course of education. A step has been taken to separate PUC classes in First Grade Colleges and to attach them to the Department of PU Education.

For the Year 1994-95, there was a total of 1893 PU colleges in the state of which 220 (184 private and 36 government) are attached to First Grade Colleges; 313 (295 private and 18 government) were Independent colleges, 1360 (838 private and 522 government) were composite PU colleges. From all the above institutions, a total of 3,58,225 students appeared for the March 93 PUC examinations of which 1,39,110 (38.83%) passed. For the April 94 session, for a total of 3,30,700 students, 1,24,462 (37.64%) and for the October session of the same year, for a total 1,43,593 that appeared, 38.432 (26.76%) students passed. This PU course with science subject qualifies a student to appear for the Common Entrance Test (CET) for Medical and engineering degree courses. This test has been started form 1986.

Board Pattern
  • First year Pre University Annual Examination - 10 +1
  • Second year Pre University Annual Examination - 10+2
Types Of Colleges / Institutions under P.U.E.

1.  Government composite Pre University Colleges

2.  Government independent Pre University Colleges

3.  Bifurcated Pre University Colleges

4.  Private Aided Pre University Colleges

5.  Private Unaided Pre University Colleges

6.  Pre University Colleges maintained by Corporations.

Boards Administrative Functions

1)  Framing of syllabus of I and II PUC once in 8-10 years
2)  Preparation & printing of language Text books
3)  Arranging the orientation programmes every year to lecturers
4)  Approval of I PUC students and giving students numbers.
5)  Monitoring the District, Division, state and National level sports activities at +2 level.
6)  To motive the lecturers for improving results in PU colleges where the II PUC results are less than 30%
7)  Recommending for sanction of new government and private PU colleges.
8)  Renewal of recognition for private PU colleges.
9)  Approval of appointment in private Aided PU Colleges.
10) Preparation and publication of the gradation list of A,B C and D group employees of the department.
11) To transfers the teaching and non teaching staff of the government PU colleges.
12) Reimbursement of fees for girl students studying in government PU colleges.
13) Giving permission to run tutorial classes.
14) Supervising the first PUC examination to be held valuation at district level.
15) Conducting the II PUC examination, valuation of answer books and announcement of results.
16) Preparation of the budget for building, infrastructure, examination and other activities.
For more details : http://www.pue.kar.nic.in
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