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A Herculean task
Meaning : Very difficult work
A high flier
Meaning : A person who requires great effort, which only a Hercules could perform
A high-flown sentiment
Meaning : An extravagent, exalted sentiment
A highly coloured report
Meaning : A report that is exaggerated or biased.
A hole and corner policy
Meaning : Secret policy
A hot line
Meaning : A direct telephone line between head of government
A hot potato
Meaning : A issue that is embarrasing
A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand
Meaning : Everyone involved must unify and function together or it will not work out
A inside job
Meaning : A theft committed by someone
A jack of all trades
Meaning : Person with little knowledge of every thing
A klutz
Meaning : An awkward, uncoordinated person
A knock down price
Meaning : Last bid for an auction
A knotty problem
Meaning : One which is difficult to deal with
A ladies man
Meaning : A man who enjoys the company of woman
A lame duck
Meaning : A person or enterprises that is not a success
A latchkey child
Meaning : A child whose parents are working
A leading article
Meaning : A news paper article
A leading question
Meaning : A question which suggests the answer
A leap in the dark
Meaning : Unknown danger
A left hand compliment
Meaning : One of doubt full sincerity
A Leopard Can't Change His Spots
Meaning : You cannot change who you are
A let-down
Meaning : A disappointment
A light sleeper
Meaning : A person who does not sleep deeply
A live wire
Meaning : A person who is very active
A low blow
Meaning : A big disappointment
A maiden speech
Meaning : First public address
A man / women about town
Meaning : One well used to life in fashioable citites
A man / women in thousands
Meaning : One of unsual quality or talent
A man / women of letters
Meaning : A writter and scholar
A man / women of spirit
Meaning : A courageous one
A man / women of the straw
Meaning : A cowardly
A man in a million
Meaning : uncompareable
A man of his words
Meaning : A man to be depended on, a trustworthy man
A man of letters
Meaning : A lover of literature
A man of means
Meaning : A rich person
A man of mettle
Meaning : Determined
A man of parts
Meaning : Smart Person
A man of straw
Meaning : A man with dependent nature
A mare’s nest
Meaning : A wrong discovery
A moot point
Meaning : Topic of discussion
A moral certanity
Meaning : Something which seems inevitable
A narrow escape
Meaning : Escape made with great difficulty
A near thing
Meaning : Faliour or misfortune
A necessary evil
Meaning : An unavoidable evil
A nine day's wonder
Meaning : An event of passing interest
A packed jury
Meaning : A prejuidiced jury
A pain in the neck
Meaning : An irritating person
A paper tiger
Meaning : A person who appers to be powerful but who is not
A Party line
Meaning : A shared telephone line

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