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M.Sc. (Physics)

Duration:2 Years

Course Detail

Course Detail

Course Code

Semester - I


PHY C101

Mathematical Physics I

PHY C102

Analog Electronics

PHY C103

Digital and Nuclear Electronics

PHY C104

Classical Mechanics

PHY C105

Practical I (General Physics & Analog Electronics)

PHY E101

Probability, Statistics and Error Analysis

PHY E102

Physics in Every Day Life

Semester - II


PHY C106

Mathematical Physics II

PHY C107

Electromagnetic Theory

PHY C108

Quantum Mechanics I

PHY C109

Statistical Physics

PHY C110

Practical II (Nuclear Physics & Digital Electronics)

PHY E103

Astronomy & Astrophysics

PHY E104

Materials Science

PHY E105

Physics Through Poetry

Semester - III


PHY C111

Quantum Mechanics II

PHY C112

Condensed Matter Physics I

PHY C113

Condensed Matter Physics II

PHY C114

Nuclear Physics & Elementary Particle Physics

PHY C115

Numerical Methods

PHY C116

Practical III: Computer Programming in C and OOPS

PHY E106

Relativity and Relativistic  Quantum Mechanics

PHY E107

Resonance Spectroscopy

PHY E108

Microprocessors & Applications

Semester - IV


PHY C117

Project & Viva–Voce

PHY E109

Advanced  Topics  in  Mathematical Physics

PHY E110

Nuclear Reactor Theory

PHY E111

General Relativity and Cosmology

PHY E112

Quantum Field Theory

PHY E113

Advanced Nuclear Theory

PHY E114

X–ray Powder Diffraction

PHY E115

Advanced Materials

PHY E116

Microprocessor Laboratory

PHY E117

Accelerator & Nuclear Detectors

PHY E118

Electronic Communications

PHY E119

Magnetism & Magnetic Materials

PHY E120


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