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M.Pharm. (Industrial Pharmacy)
Master of Pharmacy in Industrial Pharmacy


Duration:2 Years
Level:Post Graduation

M.Pharm. Industrial Pharmacy or Master of Pharmacy in Industrial Pharmacy is a postgraduate Pharmacy course. Industrial Pharmacy is a discipline which includes manufacturing, development, marketing and distribution of drug products including quality assurance of these activities. This broad research area relates to different functions in pharmaceutical industry and having contact areas with engineering and economics. The duration of Master of Pharmacy in Industrial Pharmacy is mostly of two academic years but it may vary from institute to institute and also may be on part time basis by certain institutes. The syllabus for the course is divided into four semesters.

M.Pharm. Industrial Pharmacy Eligibility

  • Candidates, who have passed Bachelor of Pharmacy Program with not less than 50% of marks, of any recognized University or any other Institute equivalent thereto the University, are eligible for admission to the Master of Pharmacy Programs.
  • The marks of admission for this course may vary from University to University.
  • In various colleges and Universities it conducts entrance exams (Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) plus interview for the admission of the students.

M.Pharm. Industrial Pharmacy Syllabus

The below mentioned syllabus is provided by the Bhupal Nobles College of Pharmacy, Udaipur.

Sem. I

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


Methods in Pharmaceutical Research, Theory


Methods in Pharmaceutical Research, Practical


Industrial Pharmacy, Theory


Industrial Pharmacy, Practical


Packaging Technology, Theory


Professional Practice

Sem. II


Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences including Biostatistics, Theory


Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences including Biostatistics, Practical


Advances in Drug Delivery Systems, Theory


Advances in Drug Delivery Systems, Practical


Advanced Industrial Pharmacy, Theory


Professional Practice

Sem. III


Dissertation Synopsis


Dissertation (Report, Presentation & Viva-voce)

Sem. IV


Dissertation (Thesis, presentation & Viva-voce)


M.Pharm. Industrial Pharmacy Colleges

M.Pharm. Industrial Pharmacy Course Suitability

  • The course is suitable for those who have skills like creative, inquisitive, analytical, and detail-oriented, and able to work in a team and communicate well.
  • There should be strong base in computer applications that is an important element during the course.
  • Candidates desirous to go for teaching fields at higher degree level both in private and government institutions objecting to become teacher/ lecturer also are good match for this course.

How is M.Pharm. Industrial Pharmacy Course Beneficial?

  • Applicants having higher qualifications and adequate managerial experience can attain top positions in the industrial/ management field.
  • The degree course gives a good base for further higher degree programs in respective subjects such as research work.
  • They can run their own clinics and other private hospital jobs.
  • They have also the option of becoming special subjective writer for the pharmacy company.

M.Pharm. Industrial Pharmacy Job Types

  • Professor - Pharmacy
  • Pharmacist
  • Regional Training Manager
  • Medical Coders
  • Training & Development Manager (Pharma)
  • Senior Manager Production Planning - Pharma
  • Sales Executive/Team Leader - Healthcare Equipment Sales
  • Distribution Manager
  • Online Medical Transcript
  • Therapy Business Manager
  • Manager - International Business
  • Area/ Regional or National Sale Manager
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