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M.Tech. (Embedded Systems)
Master of Technology in Embedded Systems


Duration:2 Years
Level:Post Graduation
Eligibility:Graduate or Equivalent

M.Tech. Embedded Systems or Master of Technology Embedded Systems is a postgraduate Embedded Systems programme. Embedded systems (ES) are playing an ever-increasing role in our society. These systems can be found in numerous products, such as TV sets and copiers. Embedded systems are hardware / software combinations whose purpose is to control a device, a process, or a larger system. The combination of computer science (software) and electrical engineering (hardware) in these products makes an integrated approach to the development process necessary. This requires a new breed of engineer who can make use of knowledge of software and hardware. Students can specialize in a wide variety of topics ranging from control engineering, integrated circuit design, computer architecture, communication networks, and real-time operating systems to software engineering and formal methods for embedded applications.

M.Tech. Embedded Systems Eligibility

  • B.Sc. / B.E. / B.Tech. in relevant subject with 60% or equivalent CGPA
  • Some of the very reputed universities and institutes conduct entrance examination to get admission to the degree course.

M.Tech. Embedded Systems Syllabus

The following are study related subjects:-

Sem. I

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


Programming in C/C++


(a) Programming in JAVA


(b) Linux Programming


Introduction to Embedded Systems


Embedded Microcontrollers


Advanced Microprocessors (ARM) & Interfacing


Advanced Logic Design




 (a) Embedded Microcontrollers Lab
 (b) Seminar


Comprehensive Viva

Sem. II


VLSI Design


System / FPGA Architecture


Real-Time Operating Systems (µCOS-II / Vx Works)


Embedded System Programming - NET Framework


Digital Signal Processing


 (a) VLSI Lab
 (b) DSP Lab
 (a) RTOS Lab
 (b) NET Lab




Comprehensive Viva

Sem. III


Major Project Phase I

Sem. IIV


Major Project Phase II


M.Tech. Embedded Systems Colleges

M.Tech. Embedded Systems Course Suitability

  • The program is ideally suited for students with either computer science or electrical engineering academic background.
  • Who wish to pursue industrial jobs in automotive, aerospace, defence, and consumer electronics, as well as for practicing engineers in the embedded systems industry are suitable for it.
  • Who want to gain knowledge in state-of-the-art tools and theories also can go it.

How is M.Tech. Embedded Systems Course Beneficial?

  • The course is beneficial to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge required to construct, analyse and enhance current and future generations of embedded systems hardware and software.
  • This innovative and unique degree program will train students in the fundamentals of embedded systems design and implementation.
  • Candidates can find jobs in automotive, aerospace, defence and consumer electronics or in Universities etc.

M.Tech. Embedded Systems Job Types

  • Manual Tester
  • Professor - Database Systems
  • Database and Systems Administrator
  • Database System Developer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Embedded Developer
  • Staff Solutions Engineer
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