Beautician - How to become a Beautician

Beautician is a trained certified professional who is apt to take care of all the beauty and health care needs of individuals. He is supposed to be aware of a range of treatments and equipments to enhance the appearance of the face, body and hair.

With the improvement in the standard of life, in last couple of decades among the masses and their increasing awareness about their health and beauty, the profession of beautician is progressing at fast pace. It is not that, the masses were not cautious about their health and beauty earlier but at that time the life was not as professional and busy as it is today. In this era of professionalism, it has become imperative for everyone to look good as it is thought to be necessary for building self confidence. Thus the requirement of these professionals has increased a lot in the last few years.

The main responsibility of a beautician is to give an attractive appearance to their clients whether they are male or their counterpart. In the field of beauty and health care, success has no relationship with the age of the beautician. It is a truth that tastes and trends in beauty keep on changing but the basic job of a beautician remains the same. Beautician is not only required in general life but their requirement is ever present in the tinsel world i.e. in the field of modelling and movies. In last few years increasing number of fashion shows, modelling events and increase in the number of soaps on T.V., above all spurt increase in the number of movies made in the Bollywood has increased the demand of these professional.

Due to a huge imbalance in the demand and supply, the importance of trained/learned beautician has increased at vast pace. Experienced cosmetologists, especially makeup artists & hair stylists are in great demand in the fashion, advertising, film, television and theatre industry. In this field, Makeup artistes require specialized knowledge of make-up applications that will hold out under powerful studio lighting. Although exciting but to work in this field is not an easy task as these professionals have to work for long hours with their units.


Beautician Eligibility

The minimum educational to become eligible for Beautician profession is 12th class in science stream.


Beautician Required Skills

  • Beautician should be dedicated, hardworking, innovative and positively critical. The most important thing that beautician should have is that they should always be ready to accept the suggestions and needs of their clients.
  • They should be a smart, well-groomed appearance and a high standard of personal hygiene.
  • Beauticians should be friendly, approachable and have good communication skills.


How to become a Beautician?

To be a Beautician one has to follow the below given path:

Eligibility to be a Beautician/Cosmetologist

Although they are supposed to do the same job Beautician/Cosmetologist can be broadly classified in two categories on the basis of their specialization and qualification they need to be in this field i.e. Medical professionals and Non-medical cosmetologists.

1. Beautician Qualifications (Medical Professional)

Pass in Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) or equivalent recognized examination in medical stream. There is no restriction with regard to the marks secured in Senior Secondary Examination or subjects studied.           

2. Age

There is no restriction with regard to the age of the candidate or marks secured in Senior Secondary Examination or subjects studied.


How to become a Beautician/Cosmetologist (Medical Professional)?

To be Cosmetologists, one has to follow the below given steps:-

Step 1

To be a Medical Cosmetologist or Cosmetic Dermatologist one needs to have an M.B.B.S. as his first step towards this profession.

Step 2

After completing M.B.B.S. one needs to have Post graduate degree in Dermatology (M.D. or diploma/DNB).


How to become a Cosmetologist (Non- Medical Professional)?

Non-Medical Cosmetologist doesn’t need any professional qualifications. Those who have a keen interest in beauty care can enter the field after completing schooling at a minimum age of sixteen years.

A beautician requires practical skills gained by professional training and hands-on practice at a good saloon or by enrolling for a course at a reputed beauty care institute.

There are short-term diploma and certificate courses in beauty and hair care available which if taken, will be an advantage for budding beauticians in their career growth.


Beautician Career Prospects

Beautician can pursue their career in various fields, like work in hospital as Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Surgical aides. Cosmetologists can get jobs in cosmetic companies or industries like Revlon, Lakme as beauty advisors or as a salesperson.

Besides these opportunities one can also be appointed as instructors in health clubs and related fields or teach in Cosmetology schools. They can also work as a Consultant Cosmetology expert in newspapers, magazines and web publications. In spite of a lot of scope there is high competition in this field of Beauty and health care but for hard working and dedicated young professional there is no dearth of work.


Beautician Salary

After initial compromises on financial returns, an established Beautician can earn as much as possible in any other glamorous profession. They can earn Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 7,000 per month but after gaining experience they can get monthly salary up to Rs. 30,000. Actually it depends upon the assignment taken by the Beautician, the beauty house with which one is working on. For those who are working independently there is no limit to one's earnings, they can be from a few thousands a month and can go up to lakhs of rupees. It all depends upon the capabilities and marketing skills of the Beautician along with his innovative techniques and farsightedness.

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