Boarding Schools In India

Boarding Schools in India have their presence since ancient times. In modern times i.e some hundred years back most renowned boarding schools in India were located in picturesque locations in different part of India. Schools in Nainital, Dehradun, Mussorie hill cities of Uttaranchal, Sanawar a time hamlet of Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling a famous hill city of West Bengal and Ooty in Southern state Tamil Nadu have always been popular and most sort after  with India’s upper middle class and elite.

Presently practically every region in India has some of the famous boarding schools out of which some are historical favorites among the aspirants all over the country.

Huge inflow of NRIs and foreigners in India has resulted in emergence of several boarding schools in India with global academic curriculam.

Boarding schools in India are catering to the needs of both Native and NRI’s/Foreigner by offering International Baccalaureate -IB- Diploma programme - by Bangalore International School, Canadian International School, G D Goenka World School to name a few- and IGCSE curriculum -by Riverdale International School, Pathways World School, Woodstock.- However some schools are offering both IB and IGCSE for providing choice to the aspiring candidates.

By being very high in demand and relatively lesser in number getting admission in boarding schools in India is not an easy task. The prospective students have to take some entrance test followed by Interview to get admission to these boarding schools in India. However some boarding schools do provide admission to the basis of previous performance and first come first serve bases.

List of Boarding Schools in India

Top 10 Boarding Schools in India

Girls Boarding Schools in India

List of Boarding School in India given above contains some of the Best Boarding schools in India including Boarding Schools in India for girls. The ranking of boarding schools in India is based on the preference of prospective students to join that particular Boarding School.

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