B.Sc. (Electronics)

Bachelor of Science in Electronics

Duration: 3 Years
Level: Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: 10+2

B.Sc. Electronics or Bachelor of Science in Electronics is an undergraduate Electronics course. Electronics is the branch of science, engineering and technology that deals with electrical circuits involving active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits. B.Sc. in Electronics is generally three academic year course and it may be provided on part time basis by certain institutes. The syllabus for the course is divided into six semesters. This degree course is being offered by many colleges/ universities in the country. After passing it candidates can find jobs at many places in different spheres as it is career originating in nature.

B.Sc. Electronics Eligibility

  • The candidates should complete their 10+2 or its equivalent exam in Science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Many renowned colleges conduct entrance exams and the aggregate marks/ percentages obtained in 12th class for the admission of students.

B.Sc. Electronics Syllabus

Syllabus of Electronics as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Year I

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


Basic Electronics & Instrumentation


Fundamentals of Analogue and Digital System


Electronic Devices

Year II


Semiconductor Devices and Applications


Microprocessors and Microcontrollers


Analogue Communication

Year III


Communication Electronics


Radar, Television and Microwave Engineering


Numerical Analysis & Programming in C


B.Sc. Electronics Colleges

B.Sc. Electronics Course Suitability

  • Those who have creative and inventive mind and an interest in physics and mathematics and hard worker are suitable for it.
  • They should have good analytical skills, an eye for detail, sustained attention and the ability to work as part of a team and they should have also good communication skills.
  • Those who are willing to go for teaching fields at higher degree level i.e. college and university level both in private and government institutions.
  • They also possess skills like problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, and job task, planning and organizing.

How is B.Sc. Electronics Course Beneficial?

  • The degree course enables the candidates for going higher degree program in respective subjects, e.g. Masters’ degree, etc.
  • They can start own their business such as manufacture electronic parts, goods and components.
  • They can also start a repair or assembly shop for television receivers, amplifiers, recording equipment etc.

B.Sc. Electronics Job Types

  • Executive (Electrical/Electronics)
  • Communication System Operator
  • Broadcast and Sound Technician
  • Communication Operator
  • Television Production Manager
  • Audiovisual Production Specialist
  • Radio Journalist
  • Technical Head - Electronics

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