Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications

Duration: 1 Years
Level: Certificate
Type: Certificate
Eligibility: 10th or Equivalent

Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications is an undergraduate Statistics course. Statistical Methods and Applications are the mathematical concepts, formulas, models, techniques used in statistical analysis of random data. In comparison, deterministic methods are used where the data is easily reproducible or where its behaviour is determined entirely by its initial stage and inputs.  Some of the main topics of the course are general nature and scope of statistical methods elementary idea of probability. Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications is one year course and in India may be offered by some certain institutes on part time basis as well.

Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications Eligibility

  • The minimum qualification is Higher Secondary (+2) or equivalent for admission to undergraduate course.

Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications Syllabus

The below given syllabus is provided by Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

Section A (Compulsory)

Sr. No.

Subject of Study


General nature and scope of statistical methods: Collection and classification of data; different types of diagrams to represent statistical data; frequency distribution and related graphs and charts.


Central tendency: Its measure and their uses.


Dispersion: Its measure and their uses, Moments; skewness and kurtosis.


Scatter diagram; Correlation coefficient with its properties and limitations; linear regression and its uses.


Elementary idea of probability: addition and multiplication theorems; statistical independence and conditional probability; repeated trials; mathematical expectation; binomial and normal distributions with their properties and their interrelations (without proof)


Elements of statistical inference: Properties of a good estimate; method of maximum likelihood; tests of significance; application of chi-square, t, F and Z tests.


Elementary ideas about statistical populations: Random sampling; simple random sampling and stratified random sampling; estimates of population mean and population total and standard errors of these estimates in both the sampling schemes.

Section B (optional)

Sr. No.

Subject of Study


Design and analysis of experiments: The analysis of variance techniques; replication; randomization and local control; analysis of completely randomized, randomized block and Latin square designs.


Elements of statistical quality control: x charts; R, p, np and c charts and their uses (mainly applications); elementary idea of sampling inspection plans.


Elementary theory of index numbers: Methods of construction of index numbers of prices and quantities; construction of cost of living index numbers.


Time series: Components of a time series; the moving average method of determining trend.


Statistical methods in Psychology and Education: Nature of measurements in Psychology and Education; applications of the normal curve to special problems in these fields; t and Z scores;
Percentile ranks-rank correlation and its uses; reliability and validity of test scores and their measures.


Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications Colleges

Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications Course Suitability

  • Candidates having interests in Statistics, accounts and overall in economic activities are the most suitable for this course.
  • Those who have completed their 12th class planning to have Diploma courses; so this is the best course to pursue for them as it is one year duration course.

How is Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications Course Beneficial?

  • After having this Diploma course they have many jobs involving the analysis and interpretation of data from economics, biological science, psychology, computer software engineering, education, and other disciplines.
  • Those who have Master's degree in statistics, those with a strong background in an allied field, such as finance, biology, engineering, or computer science, should have the best prospects of finding jobs related to their field of study.

Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications Job Types

  • Statistical Analyst
  • Statistical Warranty Data Analyst
  • Statistical Modeller
  • Statistical Analyst-Investment Bank
  • Business Analyst
  • Quant Research Analytics
  • Quantitative Researcher

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