Diploma in Architecture Engineering

Duration: 3 Years
Level: Diploma After 10th
Type: Diploma
Eligibility: 10th

Diploma in Architecture Engineering is a diploma level course. Course deals with the construction and designing of buildings. It is a three year course.  The course covers various areas of study like Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Construction, Graphics, Designing, etc. It is extremely competitive profession, which engross a range of responsibilities at work. There are various profiles which one can opt include: Building Inspector, Sales Engineer, Drafters, Construction Estimators, Consultant, Technical Architects, construction Project Manager and many more.

Diploma in Architecture Engineering Eligibility

Pass in Class X or its equivalent examination with 35% in each of the subjects with Science and Mathematics. Student must have studied English as one of the subjects in Class X

Diploma in Architecture Engineering Syllabus

The following are study related subjects:  

First Year

Workshop Practice

Professional Communication

Graphics Presentation & Art

Construction & Material-Part A

Computer Application for Engineering

Architectural Design-A (Basic Design)

Applied Physics

Applied Mechanics

Applied Mathematics-I

Applied Chemistry

Second Year

Architectural Design-B

Building Science

Construction & Material-B

Estimating, Costing & Spec.

History of Architecture-A



Town Planning

 Third Year

Architectural Design-C

Construction & Material-C

Earthquake Engineering Construction

Environmental Pollution & Control

History of Architecture-B

Management of accounts and Professional Practice



Diploma in Architecture Engineering Colleges

Diploma in Architecture Engineering Course Suitability

The students have the opportunity to learn the new things related to their field and can be the asset for their professional life. This program will help the participants to improve the productivity skills and improve their career prospects. Participants will benefit greatly from this program and will help them to keep abreast of the latest technology.

How is Diploma in Architecture Engineering Course Beneficial?

Program gives the basic understanding and facilitates participants to make design comfortably. This provides the students good understanding on Drafting and Modeling tools used in Civil and Architectural industry.

Diploma in Architecture Engineering Job Types

Candidates can find employment in building and construction companies, Design agencies, consulting firms etc. Candidates can work in capacities like Designers, Business Development officers, Architectural Draughtsman/ Draftsman, Assistant Managers, Architectural Finishing Products’ Sales Manager, Project Manager, etc. Aspirants can also choose to specialize in other areas of architecture. Candidates can also purse higher studies like Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Engineering, etc in related fields.

After completing Diploma in Architecture Engineering you can become:
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Architecture Engineering Degree Courses
B.Arch. (Architecture and Regional Planning)
B.Arch. (Building and Construction Management)
B.Arch. (Landscape Architecture)
B.E. (Architecture Engineering)
B.E. (Construction Technology)
B.Sc. (Residential Space Design and Management)
B.Tech. (Architecture Engineering)
B.Tech. (Urban & Regional Planning)
Bachelor of Planning
M.Arch. (Architectural and Settlement Conservation)
M.Arch. (Architectural Conservation)
M.Arch. (Architectural Design)
M.Arch. (Construction Management)
M.Arch. (Digital Architecture)
M.Arch. (Environmental Architecture)
M.Arch. (Landscape Architecture)
M.Arch. (Theory & Design)
M.Arch. (Urban Design)
M.E. (Housing)
M.E. (Landscape Architecture)
M.E. (Urban Design)
M.Phil. (Architectural and Settlement Conservation)
M.Sc. (Urban & Regional Planning)
M.Tech. (Town & Country Planning)
M.Tech. (Urban Planning)
Master of Building Engineering and Management
Master of Interior Architecture & Design
Master of Planning (Housing)
Master of Planning (Infrastructure)
Master of Planning (Regional Planning)
Master of Planning (Transport Planning)
Master of Planning (Urban and Regional Planning)
Master of Planning (Urban Planning)
Masters in Planning
Ph.D. (Architectural Conservation)
Ph.D. (Building Engineering and Management)
Ph.D. (Housing)
Ph.D. (Landscape Architecture)
Ph.D. (Physical Planning)
Ph.D. (Regional Planning)
Ph.D. (Transport Planning)
Ph.D. (Urban Design)
Ph.D. (Urban Planning)
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Diploma in Architectural Engineering (DAE)
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