Diploma in Commercial Practice

Duration: 3 Years
Level: Diploma After 10th
Type: Diploma
Eligibility: 10th

Diploma in Commercial Practice is a Business Study Management course. Commercial Practice is a process directly connected with the promotion, sale or supply of product or service to or from a consumer.  It is if before, during or after a commercial transaction in relation to a product. Diploma in Commercial Practice is a three-year course that offers knowledge to the students in different areas like stenography, accounting, typewriting, data entry, etc. After completing the course they have many option; they can have jobs and also can go for further studies.

Diploma in Commercial Practice Eligibility

  • Candidates must have completed their 10th / SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) examination from a recognized board.

Diploma in Commercial Practice Syllabus

The following are study related subjects:

Subjects of Study

Business Communication I

Vocabulary Building

Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences


Direct and Indirect Narration

Paragraph Writing

Speech Work

Principles and Practice of Accounting

Accounting Introduction and Concepts

Basic Accounting Process

Cash Book

Subsidiary Books and Posting

Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors

Final Accounts of a Concern

Depreciation Accounting

Business Organization and Management

Nature and Scope of Business

Forms of Business Organizations

Auxiliary Services

Internal Trade and Channels of Distribution

Foreign Trade

Company Formation

Company Management and Control

Principles of Economics I

Economics: Nature, Scope & Basic Problem

Marginal Utility Analysis

Elasticity of Demand - Supply and Consumer’s Surplus

Theory of Production

Theory of Product Pricing

Theory of Distribution

Interest & Profit

Business Mathematics

Annuities, Discount and Commission

Function, Limit and Differentiation

Arithmetic Progression

Permutations and Combinations

Graphs of Inequalities

Linear Programming

Computer I

Introduction to Computers & Periphery

Dos Commands

Windows Basics


Word Processing


Diploma in Commercial Practice Colleges

Diploma in Commercial Practice Course Suitability

Course is suitable for students from poor background and wish to earn at a very young age. They can also continue their higher studies while working for any organization after completion of their Diploma in Commercial Practice. It helps those who have good analytical skills, interest in Mathematics and can handle data appropriately. Applicants should possess knowledge regarding word-processing, using databases, spreadsheets, the Internet & email, designing web pages etc.

How is Diploma in Commercial Practice Course Beneficial?

Candidates who have completed their Diploma in Commercial Practice will be readily recruited in different organizations as executive assistants, secretaries and assistant administrative managers since they possess wide office management knowledge. They can enter the booming KPO and BPO industry since they are offered with written and oral communication skills as well in their course. They have also the option of going for further higher studies in the very and related subjects. The course make them able to able to decide what steps are needed to achieve particular goals and then implement these as per the condition.

Diploma in Commercial Practice Job Types

  • Assist. Manager - Regional Commercial Practices
  • Commercial Account Manager
  • Branch Commercial Assistant Manager
  • Sales Commercial Manager
  • Practice Specialist - Analytical & Data Services
  • Business Junior Head - Commercial Line
  • Commercial Executive
  • Business Development Assist. Manager
  • Accounts / Commercial Assistant
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