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About Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM)

Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata is one of the Premier Management Educational Institutes in Eastern India. The Institute was established on April 25, 1953 when it was formed by a resolution of the Syndicate of the University of Calcutta. The Institute building comprises two blocks. The foundation stones of both buildings were laid by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India and Dr. B. C. Roy, Chief Minister of West Bengal. The auspicious moment of fifty years of its existence arrived on April 25, 2003 and remains as a landmark in the history of the Institute. During the initial years, the Institute was referred to as All India Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management and in the year 1958 the name IISWBM was incorporated. Since 1958, the institute has been run by a Board of Governors which includes the Vice Chancellor and the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Finance), University of Calcutta, Principal Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal, representatives from four Chambers of Commerce, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and the All India Council for Technical Education as members. Dr. B. C. Roy, the former Chief Minister of West Bengal was the first President of the Board of Governors. He was succeeded by Shri P. C. Sen who also became the next Chief Minister of the state. This esteemed Institute initiated the first programme of management education in India. The prevalence of heritage buildings like University of Calcutta, Presidency College, Calcutta Medical College and All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health surrounding IISWBM enhances its academic ambience. IISWBM Kolkata, provides the faculty and students with a sprawling campus of area 1786 square metres.

In 2007, National Board of Accreditation (NBA) accredited PSM Programmes. The Institute runs MBA programmes during the day and evening. The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) course and the Masters in Human Resource Management (MHRM) are affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Institute also runs Master of Public Systems Management with specialization in Environment Management, Energy Management, Transportation & Logistics Management and Health Care & Hospital Management. The MPSM course is affiliated to the University of Calcutta. The Course on Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) is offered in the evening.  The Institute presently has about 1200 students out of which over one-third are women. The Institute has a very effective placement programme, which helps students to incur a prospective career.

Location - The Institute is located in the most exciting and historic College Square area, which is steeped in the legacy of the yesteryears.

Transportation - The Institute can be accessed by bus, car or cab from all parts the city. The Institute is located very near to the Central Metro Station, so Metro Rail is one of the most convenient modes of transportation to reach the place.


  • Marketing.
  • Economics
  • HR.
  • Finance.
  • Sports Management.


Library - The Institute has a prestigious, well-equipped and spacious Central Library. Central Library has open-access facility for the members. It provides lending, reprographic and bibliographic services to the students, faculty and other scholars. Total 51,000 books on different subjects are available in the Library. Subjects are as follows: General Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Advertising Management, Environment, Energy, Hospital Management, Transport and Logistics Management, Economics, Psychology, Travel & Tourism, Bio-Informatics, Sports and Intellectual Property,Retail Management etc. The Library subscribes for a good number of foreign as well as Indian periodicals and journals on general and special subjects. A number of books and journals were received as free copies and gifts from the Central and State Government, Embassies, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Total 1000 CD-ROMs are available in the Library out of which some are tutorial CD and some are shareware CD.  Total 96 video cassettes are available in the central Library of IISWBM.
Online Databases include The Capital Line database, EBSCO and SAS.

Classrooms - The spacious classrooms are well equipped with Smart boards, LCD multimedia projector etc. and properly maintained to cater to the academic requirements of the students. Students are provided with laptops to make their learning process easy and effective.

IT Facilities - The institute has a state of the art LAN covering the entire building. The Institute also has a wireless network spreading all over the campus with hotspots for students to work on their Institute provided laptops. The centre manages and runs the Integrated Management Information System, which is a complete ERP package for all the activities of the Institute. The Internet facility of the institute is taken care of by a 4 mbps leased line service. ISDN connectivity, VSAT and TCP-IP connectivity are also available. The students are provided with Access Control Smart Identity cards for entry into Library and labs. The department also has two video conferencing set ups and an audio conferencing set up. Using these facilities exchange programmes with foreign universities are conducted regularly. The centre is equipped with CD Writers, Scanners, LCD projectors, etc. The entire campus has a Wi Fi environment with free surfing facility. The entire Institute is monitored using a Close Circuit TV system. The centre maintains an Electronic Library for students who are interested in self-paced learning. It has four computer labs which are kept open to students between 8 AM and 8:30 PM on every working day and has plenty of specialised software for students.

The four labs are:

  1. Integrated Systems lab with multimedia machines.
  2. Cyber lab for web surfing.
  3. Business Intelligence Lab for specialised learning in the area of IT.
  4. The Bio-informatics lab.

Alumni - The Institute encourages its alumni to enrol in their database available online at http://alumni.iiswbm.edu and maintains cordial contacts with them.

Seminar Room - The seminar room possesses all the necessary amenities so that ideas can be exchanged between the students and faculty and even members from other institutes or corporate houses.

- Centre for Research in Materials Management (CRIMM) is the first ever in India as also in Asia-Pacific region. The Centre has started functioning as a nodal point for co-ordination and integration of research information in the field of Materials Management. The total activities and exercises are drawn up in the perspective of industrial and economic advancement of the country.

Conference Room - The conference room has been constructed on the most modern lines with audio-visual aids. The facility of video conferencing makes it even more industry friendly with the scope of uninterrupted interaction. The entire room has in-built speakers to make the conversations distinctly audible. The cordless microphones help the speakers to interchange ideas.

IISWBM Auditorium - The auditorium boasts of a well-designed stage and an audio-visual screen. It is the perfect platform for meetings, stage shows and interactive sessions. The screen complements any kind of audio-visual communication with amplifiers, speakers and an installed projector.

MDP & EDP - The Institute runs a number of MDPs for industry executives on different social welfare and management subjects. It runs Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDPs) for entrepreneurship partially in small scale Industries. IISWBM has been entrusted with the responsibility of training of executives of the UCO Bank. This is a HR Intervention programme to prepare the UCO Bank executives to face competition and challenges of the market. The program envisages conducting 30 MDPs during in 2008-09 throughout India.

Student Activity Centre - The Student Activity Centre has been built to make the students participate in various kinds of programmes from time to time. They can exchange ideas, relax, engage in debates and discussions to widen their horizons in various spheres. The blend of a disciplined educational regimen with meaningful activity helps them to prosper as complete business leaders in the years to come. It is also a perfect place to unwind, share ideas and participate in vociferous discussion.

Canteen - The IISWBM canteen serves students with good quality food at a subsidised price range. There are a varied range of wholesome snacks and meals to choose from, which can be enjoyed by the students, staff and faculty. The system of wi-fi enabled digital communication in the canteen helps students continue with their learning process while they relax.

Research & Consultancy Projects - The faculty of the Institute has taken up a number of research & consultancy project work particularly to develop industry-institute interaction. The prime area of research & consultancy work involved key functional areas of management viz., marketing, HR, finance, system/IT, etc. besides Public Systems Management viz., environment, energy, transportation & logistics, health care & hospital management. Know more - http://www.iiswbm.edu/about-iiswbm/consulting.asp


  • The Indian Institute of Business Management, Kolkata was ranked 22nd in the 'Business Today Best B-School ' rating conducted by the Business Today Group. Reference The 'Special Edition ' of the 'Business Today' dated 10th October 2004.
  • The Indian Institute of Business Management, Kolkata also secured the 26th position in the 'Outlook- C-fore Survey ' conducted by the renowned weekly news magazine 'Outlook' to find out the Top 50 B-Schools in the country. The list has been published in its issue dated 27th September,2004.
  • The Indian Institute of Business Management, Kolkata was ranked 45th in the '2004 AIMA rating 'of the India's Best Business Schools, conducted by the All India Management Association .The result of the rating has been published in the 'INDIAN MANAGEMENT', the journal of the AIMA, in its September,2004 issue.
  • In the course of its existence for five decades, the Institute has produced quite a few distinguished alumni who are nationally and internationally acclaimed for their contributions and command admiration of their colleagues in areas of their choice. Some of the better known of these alumni are Professor Sumantra Ghosal of London Business School, Shri L. N. Mittal of the ISPAT group, Shri Sudhir Jalan, Former President of FICCI and Dr. C. V. Chandrashekaran, Managing Director of Balmer Lawrie group.
  • In 2004, a commemorative postage stamp on IISWBM was issued by Department of Posts, Govt. of India in their folder published on the occasion mentioned – "Despite the mushrooming growth of Management Institutes, IISWBM continues with an unsullied Image of the oldest of Management Institute of India imparting education impeccable in quality and exemplary in standard".
  • IISWBM is supported by some of the most acclaimed organisations like the Ministry of Scientific and Cultural Affairs: Government of India, All India Board of Technical Studies in Management: Ministry of Education, Government of West Bengal, Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indian Chamber of Commerce, Bharat Chamber of Commerce and Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Sir Biren Mookerjee, Srimati Renuka Ray, Professor D K Sanyal, Lala Lakhsmipat Singhania and many other noted personalities are associated with the Institute.

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