Floriculturist - How to become a Floriculturist

Floriculture as a profession is spreading wings in this part of the world although it started in the late 1800's in England where flowers were grown in large estates. Floriculture can be defined as cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for sales or for use as raw materials in cosmetic and perfume industry and the pharmaceutical sector. The persons associated with this field are called Floriculturists. It has largely gained ground because of the commercialization of every religious and social event in the Indian society. This profession has become a commercial success due to the demand of its products throughout the year and that too in bulk every time.

India has a blooming future as far as floriculture is concerned. Enormous genetic diversity, varied agro climatic conditions, versatile human resources etc offer India a unique scope for judicious employment of existing resources and exploration of avenues yet untouched. Taking all these consideration in mind it seems that demand for the trained floriculturist is on the rise in the coming future.

Floriculturist as a career is ever demanding, you cannot get relaxed any time infact you have to work harder and harder with the passage of time. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the other part of the living beings then you have also to accept the responsibility attached with it. To handle thing effectively a lot of hard work, stamina, adaptability to follow difficult time schedules, good team spirit is required as this is not a time bound job.

Eligibility to be a Floriculturist

1. Educational Qualification

To be eligible for joining a course for becoming a floriculturist one should be 10+2

2. Age

No age considerations are there for the age to join a course for becoming Floriculturist.

Process to Become a Floriculturist

To become a Floriculturist one has to follow the below given steps:

Step 1

One has to join one of the following undergraduate course for that one may also take an entrance test.
1. B.Sc. Agriculture degree

Step 2

After completing this undergraduate course one can apply for some job in government sector or public sector or may opt for the Post graduation in the specialized field.

1. M.Sc in Floriculture or Horticulture at the post graduate level that offers specializations in floriculture.

Step 3

After completing the requisite qualification one can either join some big corporate house involved in this business or look for some government jobs mentioned in the newspapers from time to time. 

Floriculturist Career Prospects

One can join the field of floriculture as farm/estate managers, plantation experts and supervisors etc. Research and teaching are two other avenues of employment in the field. Besides this Marketing of floriculture products for different social and economic ventures is emerging as a potential segment of this field. Experienced professionals of this field one can work as consultant etc. One can also work as entrepreneur and offer employment to others.

Floriculturist Salary

Floriculturist salary range from Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 in government service and in own business one can earn as good as Rs.45,000 to Rs.50,000 per month.

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