Civil Aviation Courses in India

Civil aviation courses are those courses which provide academic and essential know-how  in the field of air transport and its related areas. The air transport carried out is non-military in nature. Civil aviation courses in India provide a platform to a candidate to become involved in a variety of professions. The output of pursuing an aviation course in India doesn’t necessarily mean a job of a commercial pilot, air hostess, steward, ground staff and other common known areas. The general impression in people’s mindsets regarding the above mentioned jobs comes when aviation institutes in India advertise these jobs and ignoring others. For someone who is not suitable or someone who likes other areas of aviation will only be disappointed not because these jobs are not available but because there is lack of awareness regarding the lesser known areas of civil aviation. There are a lot of other options that we will come to know in the latter half of this passage. A typical civil aviation institute mostly offers flying courses in India, pilot courses in India or commercial pilot courses in India. Very few, must be knowing that there are aviation management courses in India, as well. To get a better picture there are various areas of specialisation in civil aviation. Depending on one’s ability and choice one can opt for any other area or its further sub-field. The major areas of civil aviation have been mentioned below, after the course list.

List of Civil Aviation courses in India
Degree Courses in Civil AviationTotal Colleges
B.B.A. (Airline Management)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Airline Management
View 1
B.B.A. (Airport Management)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Airport Management
View 3
B.B.A. (Aviation & Travel Tourism)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation & Travel Tourism
View 5
B.B.A. (Aviation Operations)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Operations
View 2
B.B.A. (Aviation)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation
View 20
B.Sc. (Air Hostess Training)
Bachelor of Science in Air Hostess Training
B.Sc. (Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies)
Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies
View 1
B.Sc. (Aviation)
Bachelor of Science in Aviation
View 13
B.Sc. (Marine Science)
Bachelor of Science in Marine Science
View 2
BSc (Aviation Technology and Management)
M.B.A. (Aviation Management)
Master of Business Administration in Aviation Management
View 29
M.Sc. (Aviation)
Master of Science in Aviation
View 1
Diploma Courses in Civil AviationTotal Colleges
A.M.E. (Avionics Stream)View 44
A.M.E. (Mechanical Stream)View 48
Advance Diploma in AviationView 1
Advanced Diploma Course In Aviation ManagementView 2
Commercial Pilot LicenceView 78
Diploma In Aviation Ground HandlingView 12
Diploma in Air Cargo & Courier ManagementView 4
Diploma in Air Cargo ManagementView 9
Diploma in Air HospitalityView 2
Diploma in Air Hostess TrainingView 17
Diploma in Airline & Tourism ManagementView 16
Diploma in Airline Financial AccountingView 5
Diploma in Airline TicketingView 5
Diploma in Airline Ticketing and Hospitality ManagementView 5
Diploma in Airlines ManagementView 5
Diploma in Airport Management ServicesView 20
Diploma in AviationView 3
Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality ManagementView 35
Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel ManagementView 78
Diploma In Aviation ManagementView 5
Diploma in Aviation securityView 4
Diploma in Global Aviation and Hospitality ManagementView 8
Diploma in International Airlines ManagementView 4
Diploma In International Airlines Ticketing & CRSView 2
Diploma in Professional Cabin Crew ServicesView 2
Diploma in Professional Ground Staff ServicesView 8
IATA Foundation DiplomaView 4
Post Graduate Diploma in Air Travel ServicesView 3
Post Graduate Diploma in Airport Ground ServicesView 71
Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management (PGDAM)View 3
Post Graduate Diploma in International Airlines ManagementView 1
Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and ShippingView 6
Professional in Airport Management & Customer Care (PAMCC)View 10
Certificate Courses in Civil AviationTotal Colleges
Certificate Course in Air Hostess/Flight PurserView 8
Certificate Course in Airline Distribution SystemsView 2
Certificate Course in Airline Interview Preparation CourseView 1
Certificate Course in Airline Transport Pilot LicenseView 5
Certificate Course in Airport Ground ServicesView 10
Certificate Course in Airport ManagementView 3
Certificate Course in Aviation and Hospitality ServicesView 3
Certificate Course in Aviation Hospitality & Travel ManagementView 1
Certificate Course in Aviation ManagementView 4
Certificate Course in Cabin CrewView 14
Certificate Course in Fares & Ticketing View 17
Certificate Course in Flight Instructor Instrument RatingView 10
Certificate Course in Flight Instructor RatingView 20
Certificate Course in Flight Radio Telephone Operators LicenseView 9
Certificate Course in Hospitality & Service ManagementView 3
Certificate Course in Hospitality Travel and Customer ServiceView 1
Certificate Course in Instrument RatingView 20
Certificate Course in International Airlines and Travel ManagementView 3
Certificate Course in Multi Engine Instructor RatingView 16
Certificate Course in Radio Telephony Restricted (AERO)View 6
Certificate Course in Travel Management Ground Handling & Computer Reservation SystemView 7
Certificate in Airport Familiarisation and Security ManagementView 1
Certificate in Cabin Crew & Hospitality ManagementView 3
Private Pilot LicenseView 53
Student Pilot LicenseView 17

The Areas of Civil Aviation are as follows:

a)  Personnel Licensing - Regulating the basic training and issuance of licenses and certificates.

b)  Flight Operations - Carrying out safety oversight of commercial operators.

c)  Airworthiness - Issuing certificates of registration and certificates of airworthiness to civil aircraft, and overseeing the safety of maintenance organizations.

d)  Aerodromes - Designing and constructing aerodrome facilities.

e)  Air Traffic Services - Managing the traffic in a country's airspace.

Civil Aviation Jobs

  • Airworthiness Surveyor
  • Air Traffic Services Inspector
  • Aviation Medicine Practitioner
  • Consumer Affairs Officer
  • Environmental Research & Consultancy Department Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Flight Operations Inspector
  • Legal Advisers
  • Licensing Officer
  • Press Officer
  • Regulatory Policy Adviser
  • Survey Interviewer

Civil aviation includes two major categories:

I) Scheduled air transport, including all passenger and cargo flights operating on regularly-scheduled routes
II) General aviation (GA), including all other civil flights, private or commercial

1) Commercial aviation - It includes most or all flying done for hire, from sightseeing in a small plane to charter flights to a hunting lodge to scheduled service on airlines

2) Private aviation - It includes pilots flying for their own purposes (recreation, business meetings, etc.) without receiving any kind of remuneration.

Most countries also make a regulatory distinction based on whether aircraft are flown for hire.

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