M.A. (Sociology)

Master of Arts in Sociology

Duration: 2 Years
Level: Post Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: Graduation

M.A. Sociology or Master of Arts in Sociology is a postgraduate Sociology course. Sociology includes a comprehensive and thorough study of Sociology as a discipline at an advanced level. It includes study of social relations, social stratification, social interaction, culture, etc. M.A. (Sociology) degree course covers the study of various specialized fields of Sociology such as Applied Sociology, Comparative Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Collective Behaviour, Crime and Delinquency, Community and Demography. Broadly speaking, M.A. in Sociology degree course is the study of society. The duration of the course is two years and the syllabus is divided into four semesters.

M.A. Sociology Eligibility

  • The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing M.A. (Sociology) degree is having graduation degree in any stream.
  • However, many of the reputed universities demand graduation degree with Honours in Sociology or Sociology as one of the subjects studied in graduation from any of the recognised university/college of the country for admission to M.A. (Sociology) degree course.
  • Some of the very reputed universities and institutes demand a minimum of     45-50% marks in graduation as qualifying criteria to secure admission in this course and some also conduct entrance examination to get admission to their M.A. (Sociology) degree course.
  • Selection to the degree course in these colleges is based on marks secured in the final merit i.e. total marks aggregated in the final exams of graduation and the entrance exam.

M.A. Sociology Syllabus

Syllabus of Sociology as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

M.A. (Pre) Sem. I

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


General Sociology


Classical Sociological Theory


Indian Society and Culture


Rural Sociology


Research Methodology

M.A. (Pre) Sem. II


Modern Sociological Theory


Industrial Sociology


Perspectives on Indian Society


Sociology of Rural Development


Qualitative and Quantitative Research

M.A. (Final) Sem. III




Advanced Social Theory Trends


Sociological Concepts and Key Ideas




Gender and Society


Sociology of Population Studies


Social Change and Development


Social Psychology


Social Anthropology


Urban Sociology


Sociology of Religion


Political Sociology

M.A. (Final) Sem. IV




Sociology of Organization and Human Resource


Sociology of Mass Communication




Sociology of Health


Sociology of Marginalized Sections


Computer Applications in Social Research


Social Problems




Social Movements in India


Sociology of Education


Environment and Society


M.A. Sociology Colleges

M.A. Sociology Course Suitability

  • Candidates those who want to appreciate the complexity and diversity of social situations, applying sociological theory to society's organisations including schools, shops, hospitals and offices; researching, judging and evaluating complex information are good suit for this course.
  • Students having good knowledge and understanding of research methods, analysis and statistical techniques, developing opinions and new ideas on societal issues, working collaboratively with others, using effective methods to communicate your ideas and conclusions, statistical and other quantitative techniques.

How is M.A. Sociology Course Beneficial?

  • M.A. (Sociology) degree serves as a basis for further higher studies and research in this field such as Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree in Sociology.
  • On successful completion of Master’s degree in Sociology, a student can apply for the UGC-NET or JRF exam; the success in these exams makes teaching or research as good options.
  • The greatest scope after doing M.A. in Sociology is that it not only makes you eligible but also gives you a fairly better chance to qualify the Indian Civil Services exams.

M.A. Sociology Employment Areas

  • Corporate Research Firms
  • Education Sector
  • Corporations
  • Foreign Aid Programs
  • Criminal Justice Field
  • Human Services
  • Counselling
  • Hospitals
  • Communications Industry
  • Humanitarian Organisations like United Nations Organisation (UNO)
  • Communications Industry
  • Journalism
  • Labour Unions
  • Newspapers
  • Prisons
  • Civil Services
  • Politics
  • Public Relations
  • Radio Stations
  • Social Work
  • Television Studios
  • Research Organisations
  • Trade Associations
  • Youth Services

M.A. Sociology Job Types

  • Social Worker
  • Census worker
  • Family Counsellor
  • Counsellor
  • Human Services Assistant
  • Social Critic
  • Labour Leader
  • Marriage Counsellor
  • Rehabilitation Counsellor
  • Research Assistant
  • Sociologist

Advance Courses in M.A. Sociology

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