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About Tezpur University

Tezpur University was established on 15 th January, 1994 by an Act of the Parliament (Act. No. 45, 1Foundation of Tezpur University993) in  1994. It was established as a teaching and residential University. Over a span of 15 years, the University has played a leading role in transforming the scenario of higher  education in the entire North Eastern region through innovative, employment driven and interdisciplinary academic programme with transparent and scientific evaluation system and strong work ethics. The University campus at Napaam offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes under five schools such as Management Sciences, Science & Technology, Energy, Environment & Natural Resources, Humanities & Social Sciences and Engineering. Faculty, research scholars and students are attracted from premier institutes across the country to fulfil its national character by providing modern academic environment for achieving excellence. It's systems are modernized as per contemporary requirements through relative grading with transparent and scientific evaluation system and curriculum modernization by ‘Cafeteria’ approach. Since its inception the University has been trying to provide its facilities for carrying out meaningful and socially relevant research. All the Departments and various faculty members are thus awarded prestigious research projects from funding agencies like ONGC, UGC, DST, DBT, DAE, AICTE, MS & PI, ICSSR, DRDO, CSIR, ISRO, NSC, MNCE, World Bank etc. and prestigious National and International Fellowships.

The medium of instruction / examination in the University at all level is English. Each academic programme is designed to provide enough flexibility in the choice of courses for the students. Besides the compulsory (core) courses for each of the programmes, the students also have the option to choose courses of their own interest from the elective /optional courses. The university strictly adheres to a well planned academic calendar specifying the schedule of academic activities. Detailed academic calendar is made available in the University Website as well as in the departments in due time. There is adequate provision for laboratory works, seminars, tutorials, case studies, guided field work, etc., wherever appropriate, to inculcate the spirit of independent thinking and enrich handsome experience.

Location - The University campus is at Napaam about 15 kms. East of Tezpur, the head quarter of Sonitpur District of Assam. The Napaam campus of the University is in a plot of an area of 242 acres of land. The campus is bounded by pucca walls.

Transportation - Napaam is linked by a PWD road from the National Highway No. 37A at almost midpoint between Kalia-Bhomora bridge and Misson Chariali. Tezpur is linked by road and rail with the rest of the state and the country. There is also a tri-weekly flight service between Kolkata and Tezpur. For more info - http://www.tezu.ernet.in/visitor/site.htm

Schools and Centre of Study

  • School of Science & Technology
  • School of Humanities & Social Science
  • School of Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources
  • School of Management Science
  • School of Engineering
  • Centre for Disaster Management


  1. Department of Chemical Sciences
  2. Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  3. Department of Mathematical Sciences
  4. Department of Physics
  5. Department of Civil Engineering
  6. Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  7. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  8. Department of Food Processing Technology
  9. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  10. Department of Energy
  11. Department of Environmental Science
  12. Department of Cultural Studies
  13. Department of English and Foreign Languages
  14. Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
  15. Department of Sociology
  16. Department of Business Administration

Prospectus - http://www.tezu.ernet.in/Academic/Admission2009/PROSPECTUS_2009.pdf


University Library - The library holds 44200 volumes of print documents and subscribed 220 titles of current journals (online 33, print 165, print + online 22), 740 titles of e journals, two databases and one knowledge portal through INDEST-AICTE Consortium and other publishers. The UGC-Infonet Consortia of INFLIBNET Centre is providing access facility to 5888 e journals, eight databases and one gateway portal. Library users can access book database, theses database, journal database, e-journals and other e-resources from any terminal within the University campus. Besides the Central Library, the Departments also have their Departmental Libraries.

Computing Facilities - The University has elaborate computing facilities accessible to the students. There is a modern state of the art Central Computer Centre for use by the students and research scholars of Tezpur University in addition to the Departmental computer laboratories. Apart from a large number of PCs and several servers, all connected to the campus LAN, the Centre also has a 4processor SGI ALTIX350 server. There are also high quality laser printers, scanners, multimedia accessories etc. Various software systems are available that run in environments such as UNIX/LINUX, MSWindows2000/ NT/XP, and Novell Intra Netware. The campus LAN is connected to the Internet through its 512 kbps SCPC VSAT  station of the ERNET.

Computing Facilities - Central Sophisticated Instrumentation Facilities provide the state of art facility of analytical instrumentation for imparting practical training and research in all areas of sciences, University has established a Central instrumentation facility (CIF). The facilities of this centre go a long a way in improving the quality of research being carried out in the University. The CIF houses the following sophisticated analytical instruments: 400 MHz NMR, SEM with EDS facilities, GCMS and ICPAES. Some more new instruments are going to be added in the centre in immediate future.

Hostel Accommodation - The University has separate hostels for boys and girls adequate to accommodate all students and research scholars. SC/ST students are exempted from paying the hostel seat rent. Scholarships

Scholarships - A limited number of scholarships are offered to Tezpur University students by various Government/semiGovernment organizations such as NEC, DBT, ITDP, MNES, DTE, AICTE, other State Governments, etc. Free studentships are also provided to a limited number of meritorious students belonging to economically weak families. There is provision of UGC for single girl child of the family pursuing non professional PG courses for granting scholarship under “Indira Gandhi Post Graduate Scholarship for single girl child scheme”. University provides institutional fellowship to the eligible PhD full time students to carry out the research work.

Health Services
- The University has a Health Centre to provide basic medical services with its own medical and paramedical staff. The University has a tie up with an insurance company for coverage of medical hospitalisation expenses. Students will be required to pay a nominal amount of premium at the time of admission.

Games and Sports - The University provides opportunities for students to excel in various departments of sports. The University has basketball, volley ball and tennis courts, cricket and football grounds with playing facilities under flood light and a well equipped multi gymnasium.

Tezpur University Alumni Association - TUAA was formed in 2000 to create a network of the alumni of the University. The website of the association provides full listing of events, news and other relevant information.

Instruction Methodology - The medium of instruction / examination in the University at all levels is English. In framing the courses, care has been taken to see that they are NOT burdened with formal lectures only. There is adequate provision for seminars, tutorials, case studies, guided field work etc., whatever necessary, to promote the habit of independent thinking. To relate theoretical knowledge to the practical field, proper measures are taken to conduct case studies and guided field works. Group Discussion is an integral part of teaching pedagogy to help the students in increasing their analytical capability and creativity.

Placement - The Training and Placement cell of the University is the nodal agency in arranging summer and final placement of the students of the University. Many reputed organizations are taking active interest in the students of the University in offering placements. The professional and intellectual excellence of the students has succeeded in creating an impact in the corporate, government and other employment sectors within and outside the country. Our alumni are the brand ambassadors of the University’s programme in teaching & research. Some of the previous employers are NEDFi, IBM, Aircell, ICAR, SaS'ken etc.

Health Centre -  It provides health care services to students, faculty and staff  of Tezpur University. The medical staff consists of a pharmacist, a laboratory technician and a nurse. The Health Centre offers OPD services and four indoor beds are also available for initial care in emergency cases. A Medical Officer is available round the clock for emergency cases. The facilities available in the Health Centre include ECG, autoanalyser, Ultrasound scanner, specialists in disciplines like Radiology, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology have been engaged to make weekly visits for the benefit of the University community. From 28 March 2008 onwards  the Health Centre conducted its Annual Health Check-up programme for the employees of the University.

Tezpur University IPR Cell - Intellectual Property Cell is involved in assisting the aspirant TU members for deriving IPR benefits and organizing workshops / seminars on IPR related issues

Equal Opportunity Cell - Affirmative Action refers to policies intended to promote supportive assistance to the historically and socio-politically under-privileged groups (typically minorities and women). Motivation for affirmative action policies is to redress effects of past discrimination and to encourage public institutions such as university, hospital, police forces to be a platform of Equal Opportunity. As a policy, it was adopted by many countries like Brazil (Natives); Canada (Aboriginals);Germany; Japan; Sri Lanka, U.S.India etc. In India Affirmative Action made a mark in the form of Reservation Policy adopted by Constitution of India after independence. In recent times, Prof. Sukhdeo Thorat, Chairman-UGC has reviewed the same in the context of the modern world and pronounced its pertinence in the academic scape not only as a subject of study but also as an instrument to create Equal Opportunity in the field of education.

Sports - There is a sports complex along with a gymnasium. The sports complex comprises football ground, Volleyball ground, basketball court, badminton court, tennis court etc.  

Tezpur University Adventure Sports Club - It is an organization of the student council of Tezpur University, dedicated to the promotion of adventure sports and nature awareness with the maximum number. It aims to provide state of art, safe 'n' thrilling adventure sports in this evergreen region of India. The club brings adventure into the lives of the youth specially those who would otherwise have had no hope of being exposed to it. For more info -  http://www.tezu.ernet.in/advsports

University Guest House - It has 45 tastefully furnished rooms, a 30-seater Conference Room, a 40-seater Dining Hall (all air-conditioned), lounges, perfectly matching upholsteries and a catering that carefully prepares and serves vegetarian, non-vegetarian and continental cuisines. It also facilitates 24-hour accessibility to the internet.

Information compiled from : Tezpur University Website
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