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About Jamia Hamdard University

Jamia Hamdarad came into being with the establishment of a small Unani clinic in the year 1906 by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed, one of the well-known practitioners of Unani System of Medicine of his time. Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed had a vision of making the practice of Unani Medicine into a scientific discipline so that Unani medicines could be dispensed in a more efficacious manner to patients. He gave the name "Hamdard" to his venture which means "sympathy for all and sharing of pain". His illustrious son, Hakeem Abdul Hameed, carried forward the philosophy and objectives of Hamdard in independent India.

In 1962, Hakeem Abdul Hameed set up the Institute of History of Medicine and Medical Research with the object of promoting education and research in the history of medicine, besides appraising the principles of medicine. In 1963, Hakeem Abdul Hameed and his Muslim friends and associates set up Indian Institute of Islamic Studies with a view to promote the study of Islamic Culture and Civilization especially its contribution to Indian society and culture. In 1963, Hamdard Tibbi College was set up in Gali Qasim Jaan, Old Delhi. It was later shifted to Jamia Hamdard Campus in 1980 to provide education in Unani Medicine to students so that the heritage of Unani Medicine largely available in Arabic and Persian is passed on to the students of next generation. In 1972, Hamdard College of Pharmacy was set up with the objective of providing education and training in all branches of pharmacy.

The year 1989 saw the fulfillment of the dream of Hakeem Abdul Hameed when Jamia Hamdard was given the status of Deemed to be University by the Ministry of Human Resource Development on 10th May, 1989. All the institutions set up by Hakeem Abdul Hameed and his friends and associates were amalgamated into Jamia Hamdard. In a brief period of only ten years, Jamia Hamdard has evolved into an institution fulfilling the objects of the wakf, which has funded it.

Over a period of last ten years, Jamia Hamdard has emerged as an outstanding institution of higher learning with distinct and focused academic programmes. Graduate programme in Information Technology and Computer Applications and Post-graduate programmes in Information Technology, Computer Applications, Business Management, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy have been started in the last few years. Undergraduate programmes in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy are being introduced from this year. Jamia Hamdard offers postgraduate and doctoral programmes in several disciplines for which advanced facilities are available.

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Distance and Mode of Transportation

  • Airport - 20 Kms, Taxi, Auto rickshaw, Bus
  • New Delhi Railway Station - 20 Kms, Taxi, Auto rickshaw, Bus Route Number M-13, 440
  • Old Delhi Railway Station - 23 Kms, Taxi, Auto rickshaw, Bus Route Number 429
  • Inter State Bus Terminal - 25 Kms, Taxi, Auto rickshaw, Bus Route Number 425

Pre-paid taxi and auto rickshaw authorized booths are available at railway station, ISBT and airport.
Ask for Batra Hospital when hiring Taxi/Auto rickshaw. Please ensure that the driver does not take you to Jamia Millia Islamia.


1. Faculty of Science
2. Faculty of Pharmacy
3. Faculty of Medicine
4. Faculty of Nursing
5. Faculty of Management Studies and Information Technology
6. Faculty of Islamic Studies and Social Sciences
7. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
8. Faculty of Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences


Computer Centre - The University has excellent state-of-the-art computing facilities and system analysis units in it's computer centre to cater to needs of students . The computer centre is well equipped with advanced computers along with all the necessary peripherals as well as requisite softwares . There are five different laboratories in the computer centre with facilities for their respective development fields as given below.

Central Instrumentation Facility
- Central Instrument Facility was established in July 1990 with the installation of L7 Backman Ultra-centrifuge, Sorval Rt-6000 Low speed centrifuge, DU-64 Backman UV-VIS Spectrometer, Perkin-Elmer 8700 Gas Chromatograph, Perkin-Elmer HPLC and Mettler electronic balance. In year 1992, gamma-counter, ßeta-counter and DNA Electrophoresis systems were added to the CIF. Recently, Perkin-Elmer Lambda-20 Double-beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Perkin-Elmer LS-50 Luminescence spectrometer, Bio-rad FT-IR spectrometers and Mini-computer facility comprising of eight computers, Internet and e-mail facilities have been included in CIF.

Majeedia Hospital - Majeedia Hospital is a recognized hospital in the modern and the Unani system of medicine. It houses 150 beds for the patients. In one year about 84,000 patients are attended in the OPD. One of the major achievement of the Hospital is the establishment of 6 bed well equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the patient care. OPD attendance is on the increase every year. Free OPD facilities are provided to University Students and to the teaching and Non-teaching staff and their family members. The hospital has registered an overall improvement in respect of facilities and health care. The hospital also caters to the training of the students of Faculty of Medicine (Unani) and Faculty of Nursing. Free health-check-up camps are also organized by the Hospital.

Hostel Facilities - Jamia Hamdard has both Boys and Girls’ hostels which have adequately furnished rooms. Every hostel has a common room, reading room, dining hall, and visitors’ room. . A new girls hostel (extension of the existing one) for about 125 students has also been constructed with financial assistance from Islamic Development Bank.. However not all boy students can get admission to hostel on account of shortage of accommodation. Efforts are being made to rent suitable accommodation for boys outside the campus. For allotment, the admitted students may contact the Provost, Hakeem T. A. Siddiqui, Deptt of Jarahiyat (Surgery), Faculty of Unani Medicine.

Campus Placements - The students are placed through the campus recruitment program. The placement activities are coordinated by a placement committee headed by Placement Coordinator , student representatives and faculty members. The Placement Cell is responsible for all correspondence with Employers (like pre placement talks).

Hakim Mohammed Said Central Library - The Hamdard University library system consists of central library and six faculty libraries—i. faculty of science, ii. faculty of medicine, iii. faculty of pharmacy, iv. faculty of nursing, v. faculty of islamic studies and vi. faculty of management studies and information technology. The central library of the university was named as ‘Hakim Mohammed Said Central Library’ after the name of younger brother of the founder Hakeem Abdul Hamid. The total library holdings exceed 1.46 lakh including 1,05,000 English, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, etc. books. 17,000 bound volumes, 20,000 rare collections and 4500 manuscripts, mostly in Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages. The library receives 200 Indian and foreign journals, out of which 124 by subscriptions and 76 by gratis, covering medicine, pharmacy, nursing, biotechnology, toxicology, computer science, management science, religion and social sciences.

Convention Center - Since its very inception as a centre of learning and research, Jamia Hamdard has drawn scholars and researchers from all over the world. As its institutions have grown, so has the influx of visitors who come to avail of the wealth of knowledge offered by its institutions thus providing opportunity to interact with people of similar interests and pursuit.

University Mosque - The campus of Jamia Hamdard has a grand mosque named as Masjid-Rabia. Local people also observe prayers there on Friday and other occasions. In order to facilitate worshippers, water supply, electric fans, loud speakers etc. are provided. About 1200 people can perform prayers under the covered area of the mosque.

University Canteen - The university has three canteens which are partially subsidised and are run by contractors. They provide tea, coffee and light snacks.

Sports Facilities - A Gymnasium has been constructed with the assistance of University Grants Commission and Hamdard National Foundation in 1999. Besides, playgrounds for cricket/football, volleyball and badminton (both for girls and boys) are available. A Cemented ground for basketball is under construction.

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