B.Ed. (English)

Bachelor of Education in English

Duration: 1 Years
Level: Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: Graduation

B.Ed. English or Bachelor of Education in English is an undergraduate Education course. This course is a one year program or course of study consisting of two or more semesters which equips the teacher trainees with the latest knowledge and skills in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT). B.Ed. (English) degree study teaches a person about various aspects associated with teaching and also aims to provide global perspectives to the professional aspects of ELT. This degree course is very important for becoming teacher as during the course the students are given wide knowledge of that how to handle the complex situations in the course of teaching. As for career scope of this degree is concerned it is wide-spread; they can join schools, special teachers for B.Ed. colleges and also can run their own educational institutions,

B.Ed. English Eligibility

  • The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing B.Ed. (English) degree is qualifying Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from recognised board/university with at least 50% marks in aggregate.
  • A student must have studied English as a language in the degree programme and secured a minimum of 55% in English language.
  • An entrance test is conducted by the various state and Independent educational bodies and universities for admission to various B.Ed. colleges. The entrance exams are generally held in the month of June-July and consist of objective type questions in English, General Knowledge, Aptitude, Basic Arithmetic Teaching Potential and test of one local language in some states.

B.Ed. English Syllabus

Syllabus of English as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


Accuracy in Written Expression


Application of Computer Education and Computers for English Language Teaching


Application of Educational Psychology    


Applied Linguistics


Basic Issues in Education


Communication Skills


Creative Writing


Developing Sensitivity to Literature


Distance Education


Education, Culture and Human Values


Education and Society


Educational Assessment & Evaluation


Educational Psychology


English for Interpersonal Communication


English Phonology


Formal and Informal Writing


Guidance and Counselling


Introduction to Computers


Language Learning Acquisition


Learning Nature and Process Thinking


Literature in Classroom


Making Literature Interesting


Management of Education


Materials for Teaching


Meaning, Scope and Arms of Education


Methods of Teaching English


Paragraph Grammar


Philosophy of Education


Preparation for Teaching


Problem Solving


Psychological Fundamentals and Evaluation


Study of Content


Study of Form


Teacher in Emerging India


Teaching Reading Skills


Teaching Writing Skills


Holistic Education


B.Ed. English Colleges

B.Ed. English Course Suitability

  • Candidates who want to become teacher and have passed their graduation degree course; and want to make combination of B.A. and B.Ed. are the good suitable for this course.
  • Those who have the quality of developing skills required in selection and organising learning experiences, to understand the nature of the learner and of learning processes and to develop skills involved in dealing with the academic and personal problems of learners are good match for this course.
  • Candidates having the merit of good understanding about the various procedures and techniques of evaluation and their classroom application are also able for this course.

How is B.Ed. English Course Beneficial?

  • B.Ed. (English) degree makes one eligible to take up the job of an English teacher in various schools in the country.
  • The B.Ed. (English) degree course develops one’s skills and widens one’s understanding which helps to impart quality education to the students.
  • This course provides the candidates to systematise experiences and strengthen the professional competency of in-service teachers; so it is beneficial for them in many ways.
  • Other benefit of B.Ed. (English) is to imbibe the knowledge and develop understanding of various methods and approaches of organising learning experiences of secondary school students; which later on proves of becoming commanding teacher.

B.Ed. English Employment Areas

  • Coaching Centres
  • Education Consultancies
  • Education Department
  • Home Tuitions
  • Private Tuitions
  • Research
  • Schools

B.Ed. English Job Types

  • Education Consultant
  • Home Tutor
  • Online Tutor
  • Private Tutor
  • Education Counsellor
  • Principal
  • School Teacher
  • Vice Principal

Advance Courses in B.Ed. English

Education Courses
Education Degree Courses
B.A. (Education)
B.A. (Hons.) (Education)
B.A. + B.Ed.
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B.L.S. (Bachelor of Liberal Studies)
B.Sc. (Special Education and Rehabilitation)
B.Sc. + B.Ed.
Bachelor of Christian Education (B.C.Ed)
Bachelor of System Administration - BSA
D.Litt. (Arts)
M.A (Educational Communication)
M.A. (Acharya)
M.A. (Adult Education)
M.A. (Applied Education)
M.A. (Career Counselling)
M.A. (Comparative Dravidian Literature)
M.A. (Comparative indian Literature)
M.A. (Computational Linguistics)
M.A. (Continuing Education Management)
M.A. (Distance Education)
M.A. (Education and French)
M.A. (Education)
M.A. (Extension & Development Studies)
M.A. (Gender Studies)
M.A. (Governance and Development)
M.A. (Human Rights and Duties Education)
M.A. (International Relations and South Asian Studies)
M.A. (International Studies)
M.A. (Life Skills Education)
M.A. (Master of Orient Learning)
M.A. (Translation)
M.A. + Ph.D. (Kannada literature and Folklore)
M.B.A. (Education)
M.Ed. (Commerce)
M.Ed. (English)
M.Ed. (Malayalam)
M.Ed. (Mathematics)
M.Ed. (Natural Science)
M.Ed. (Physical Science)
M.Ed. (Social Science)
M.Ed. (Special Education)
M.Ed. (Special Education) (Mental Retardation)
M.Ed. (Special Education) (Visual Impairment)
M.Phil. (African Studies)
M.Phil. (American Studies)
M.Phil. (Canadian Studies)
M.Phil. (Central Asian Studies)
M.Phil. (Centre for Federal Studies)
M.Phil. (Comparative Dravidian Literature)
M.Phil. (Comparative indian Literature)
M.Phil. (Continuing Education Management)
M.Phil. (Diplomatic Studies)
M.Phil. (Ecology)
M.Phil. (Education)
M.Phil. (Gandhian Studies)
M.Phil. (Gender Studies)
M.Phil. (Latin American Studies)
M.Phil. (Life Skills Education)
M.Phil. (Rehabilitation Psychology)
M.Phil. (Russian and East European Studies)
M.Phil. (South Asian Studies)
M.Phil. (Special Education)
M.Phil. (Sub-Saharan African Studies)
M.Phil. (West European Studies)
M.Phil. + Ph.D. (Comparative Literature)
M.Sc. (E-Learning Technology)
M.Sc. (Extension Education)
M.Sc. (Sports Science)
Ph.D. (Adult Continuing Education & Extension)
Ph.D. (African Studies)
Ph.D. (American Studies)
Ph.D. (Canadian Studies)
Ph.D. (Career Counselling)
Ph.D. (Central Asian Studies)
Ph.D. (Comparative Indian Literature)
Ph.D. (Education)
Ph.D. (Engineering Education)
Ph.D. (Gandhian Studies)
Ph.D. (Gender Studies)
Ph.D. (Latin American Studies)
Ph.D. (Liberal Arts)
Ph.D. (Life Skills Education)
Ph.D. (Russian and East European Studies)
Ph.D. (South Asian Studies)
Ph.D. (Special Education)
Ph.D. (Sub-Saharan African Studies)
Professional Education (Course PE-I)
Professional Education (Course PE-II)
Education Diploma Courses
Advance Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)
Advance Diploma in Primary Teacher Training (PTT)
Diploma Course in Madhyama Kaksha leading to V
Diploma in Pre - School Education
Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Diploma In Counseling
Diploma In Early Childhood Special Education (Mental Retardation)
Diploma in Education (D.Ed.)
Diploma in Education - Special Education ( Hearing Impairment)
Diploma in Education - Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Diploma in Education - Special Education (Cerebral Palsy)
Diploma in Education - Special Education (Deafblindness)
Diploma in Education - Special Education (Mental Retardation)
Diploma in Education of the Physically Handicapped (Dip.Ph.H.)
Diploma in Education Technology
Diploma in Education-Special Education (Visual Impairment)
Diploma in Gandhi Vichar Darshan
Diploma in Hindustani
Diploma in Indian Sign Language Interpreting
Diploma in Life Skills Education
Diploma in Management of Education
Diploma in New Economy Skills
Diploma in Nursery and Primary Teacher's Training
Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training (N.T.T.)
Diploma in Teacher Education
Diploma in Teaching Young Hearing Impaired Children
Diploma in Vocational Rehabilitation (Mental Retardation)
Diploma in Women's Empowerment and Development (DWED)
International Diploma Course in Guidance & Counselling
Junior Basic Training (JBT)
Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education
Post Graduate Diploma in Population and Development Education
Post Graduate Diploma in Writing Mass Media in Telugu
Post B.Ed. Diploma in School Administration
Post Graduate Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education
Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education & Development
Post Graduate Diploma in Ambedkar Studies
Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education
Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood- Education and Development
Post Graduate Diploma in Early Intervention
Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management (P.G.D.Ed.M.)
Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology
Post Graduate Diploma in Extension Education. & Social Work
Post Graduate Diploma in Fitness Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhian Studies
Post Graduate Diploma in Gender Studies
Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Counselling
Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design
Post Graduate Diploma in Learning Disability
Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Learning Disability
Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Media & Creative Writing (Hindi)
Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education
Post Graduate Diploma in Preschool Teacher Education
Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Teachers Training
Post Graduate Diploma In Research Methodology And Statistics
Post Graduate Diploma in School Administration
Post Graduate Diploma in School Counselling
Post Graduate Diploma in Securities & Investment Law
Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education
Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education (Mental Retardation)
Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education Multiple Disabilities -Physical and Neurological
Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Research in Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Science Education
Education Certificate Courses
Basic Development Therapy Course for Children with Cerebral Palsy and other Neurological Handicaps
Basic School Training Certificate (BSTC)
Basic Training Certificate (B.T.C.)
Certificate Course for School Counselors
Certificate Course in Child Care
Certificate Course in Contemporary Critical Theory in Literature Studies
Certificate Course in Diaspora Literature
Certificate Course in Orientation in School Guidance
Certificate Course in Phonetics
Certificate Course in Trained Teachers
Certificate in Awareness of Gandhian Method (CPGM)
Certificate in Elementary Teacher Education (CETE)
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
Certificate in Guidance (CIG)
Certificate in Nursery Teacher Training
Certificate in Primary Education (CPE)
Certificate in Primary Teaching (CPT)
Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)
Certificate Programme in Reprography and Non-Book Materials
Certificate Programme in Tamil for Medical Graduates
Certified Course in Adult Education
Certified Course in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Crash Course Bakery & Cookery
Faculty Development Programme
Professional Certificate Programme - Tea Estate Management
Short Term Course in Montessori Training
TEFL India Certification Course
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