Education in India

M.F.A. (Painting)
Master of Fine Arts Painting


Duration:2 Years
Level:Post Graduation

Fine Arts Courses
Fine Arts Degree Courses

B.A. (Fine Arts)
B.A. (Hons.) (Fine Arts)
B.A. (Lalit Kala)
B.A. (Music Vocal)
B.A. (Visual Arts)
B.F.A. (Applied Arts)
B.F.A. (Digital Graphics Technology)
B.F.A. (Drawing & Painting)
B.F.A. (Graphics)
B.F.A. (History of Art)
B.F.A. (Hons.) (Mural)
B.F.A. (Hons.) (Painting)
B.F.A. (Painting)
B.F.A. (Photography)
B.F.A. (Sculpture)
B.P.A. (Performing Arts)
Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA)
D.Litt. (Visual Arts)
M.A. (Art of Central Asia)
M.A. (Art of China and Korea)
M.A. (Art of Nepal and Tibet)
M.A. (Art of South East Asia)
M.A. (European Art)
M.A. (Fine Arts and Painting)
M.A. (Fine Arts)
M.A. (Indian Art)
M.A. (Lalit Kala)
M.A. (Painting)
M.A. (Performing Arts)
M.A. (Sculpture)
M.A. (Textile Designing)
M.A. (Visual Arts)
M.F.A. (Applied Arts)
M.F.A. (Filmmaking)
M.F.A. (Graphics)
M.F.A. (History of Arts)
M.F.A. (Painting Applied Art Sculpture)
M.F.A. (Print Making / Graphics)
M.F.A. (Sulpture)
M.F.A. (Visual Media)
M.Phil. (Performing Art)
M.Phil. (Visual Arts)
Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)
Master of Performing Arts (M.P.A.) (Drama)
Master of Visual Arts
Ph.D. (Visual Arts)

Fine Arts Diploma Courses

D.F.A. (Diploma in Fine Art), Applied Art with Graphic Designing
Diploma in Advanced Painting
Diploma in Applied Art
Diploma in Art and Craft
Diploma in Commercial Art
Diploma in Commercial Art / Graphic Design (Graduates)
Diploma in Commercial Art / Graphic Design (Professional)
Diploma in Fine Art (Advance)
Diploma in Fine Art (Painting)
Diploma in Fine Arts
Diploma in Painting
Diploma in Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts
Diploma in Performing Arts
Diploma in Printing Arts
Diploma in Sculpture
Diploma in Sketching & Oil Painting
Foundation Diploma Course in Fine Arts
Post Graduate Diploma in Art and Craft
Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Designing & CAD/CAM (PGDCD)
Post Graduate Diploma in Sculpture
Professional Course of Fine Art (Foundation)

Fine Arts Certificate Courses

Certificate Course in Drawing and Animation
Certificate Course in Plate Making and Offset Printing
Certificate in Crafting Creative Communications (C.C.C.)
Certificate in Performing and Visual Arts
Certificate in Visual Arts - Applied Arts (CVAA)
Certificate in Visual Arts - Sculpture (CVAS)
Super Professional Course of Fine Art (Foundation)
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