Draftsman - How to become a Draftsman

Draftsman is the skilled professional who takes the first step towards creating an infrastructure or machine out of an idea in the mind. His job is to make a design of the idea of the infrastructure like dams, roads, bridges etc. on a piece of paper so that it could be well visualized by those professional that has to really build it.

Teams of drafters with different specializations work together on projects, sometimes drawing by hand but more often through the use of drafting computer software like CAD etc. This is not a mean task to do as it is the drawing  on which  whole of the work is to be based.

So to become a  good draftsman, an ability to see all sides of an object i.e. 3-D vision and strong math skills are necessary. Thus aspirants who are looking to combine artistic talent and math skills in a career, becoming a draftsman is an ideal choice. Not only can this job offer a creative outlet, but it can also provide an impressive income in the present scenario when a lot of emphasis is being given not only at the strength of the buildings and dams but also their beauty and durability.

To be a Draftsman one has to be dedicated, hardworking, innovative and positively critical. The job of a Draftsman demands intensive foresight and inside depth of the field one is working in. To get the desired results one should have the capacity to work hard with commitment, open mind and honesty. The most important thing that Draftsman designer should have is that they should always be ready to take criticism in stride as this is the major thing that can help a Draftsman to improve and bring accuracy in his work.

To do his work most effectively he requires special training which can be acquired by doing the required courses of varying duration. To be a Draftsman one has to follow the below given path.


Eligibility to become a Draftsman

1. Educational Qualification

Pass in Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) or equivalent recognized examination with physics, chemistry and Mathematics as main subjects at this level with at least 60% marks to get admission in some of the good institutions.

2. Age

There is no restriction with regard to the age of the candidate however some good institution prefers younger people below the age of 17yrs as their student.


How to become a Draftsman?

To become a Draftsman one has to follow the below given steps:-

Step 1

One has to apply for the entrance test taken by some of the good institutes providing diploma and degree courses for the draftsman ship like JET ie. Joint Entrance Test held by the Punjab state technical education Board and DET Diploma Entrance Test taken by the Haryana state technical Education Board for admission to the Diploma Engineering collages in their states respectively.

However there are some other institutions which take the candidates on the merit bases of first cum first bases.

Step 2

After completing this three year Diploma course one can either join some job with public or private sector companies or can go for the degree course after taking the test for the degree courses in Draftsman ship offered by various engineering collages.

After getting enough exposure in the field one can start his own business or can continue working for some big Construction company like DLF, HDIL, or GMRinfra etc with good financial return.


Draftsman Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

Although there is a lot of scope for these professional yet there is a lot of competition to get good jobs. But there is no dearth of placements for the efficient draftsman. They can opt and earn in any of the three option open to them ie. Private sector, public sector or self employment.With the increasing privatization of infrastructural activities Draftsmen can find an employment with a company with handsome salaries or can start their own business once they have got the necessary education and experience. Besides there are a lot of jobs on offer in public sector departments like PWD ie. Public works department of various state and central Government. With all of the opportunities for advancement in this career, it is worth considering for anyone who is looking for a practical way to apply their creative side.


Draftsman Job Description

A draftsman's job is to turn a design idea into an accurate picture. The drawings that a draftsman creates serve as guides for builders and manufacturers, so 100 percent precision is required in starting the construction. Although blueprints are now considered out-of-date, draftsmen create their modern relatives.


Draftsman Salary

To start with one can get nearly Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 in a job with a good organization. And if working independently then there is not limit of his earning, it may be from a few thousands a month and can be lakhs to said the least. It all depends upon the capabilities and marketing skills of the Draftsman along with his expertise and clarity of work.

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