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Saroda, Dholka Taluka
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382280 , India
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About Rai University (RU)

Rai University is established by Gujarat State Legislature under Gujarat Act No. 12 of 2012. It promises to fulfill its mandate of nurturing young minds, developing intellectual and professional faculties with a service to the cause of society. Rai University offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different disciplines. It provides best good facilities such as best learning environment, digitally enabled Classrooms; the Learning & Resource Centre.

Rai University Schools

  • School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS)
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism (SHT)
  • School of Fashion Technology (SOFT)
  • School of Computing & Applied Software Engineering (SCASE)
  • Agriculture Research & Environment (SFARE)
  • School of Forest & Agriculture Research & Environment (SFARE)
  • Rai Business School (RBS)
  • College of Media and Communication (CMAC)
  • School of Arts, Science and Commerce (SASC)

Rai University Centres of Excellence

  • Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (CIED)
  • Center for Sustainable Development (CSD)
  • Center for Vedic & Astrological Sciences (CVAS)
  • Center for Applied Research in Technology (CART)
  • Center for Creative Development (CCD)
  • Center for Vocational Skill Development (CVSD)

Rai University Facilities

Library Facilities - The University library is well equipped and provides modern facilities such precious books, textbooks, reference books, periodicals and journals. It is supported by a large well-ventilated two floored reading-room.

Computing Facilities - The Rai University Computer Lab is equipped and is connected to various statistical and analytical packages, project management software, and business environmental simulation software.

Scholarships Facilities - There is a provision of scholarship for students of Gujarat Rai University. It provides 75% to 100% scholarship to students for their recognized merit.

English Language Lab - This facility is provided by the University for those students who need improvement on their communication skills. This helps the students speak and write good English, which enables them to meet the international language requirements.

Conference Facilities - The main purpose of University behind starting this is to provide students the exposure to national and international knowledge experts, through regular national and international conferences / symposia and workshops hosted on campus.

Smart Classroom Facilities - The University offers hi-tech equipped facilities. In this very special learning environment, a touch screen white board is integrated with the projector and a computer.

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