Duration: 1 Years
Level: Certificate
Type: Certificate
Eligibility: 10+2

Gyani is a Post Graduate Punjabi Language Certificate Course. The term ‘Gyani’ means ‘One who is Wise’ and any intellectual who is proficient in Punjabi language and literature is known as ‘Gyani’ or ‘Giani’. Gyani is also a Title like Dr. provided to those who acquire a Doctor of Philosophy Degree . Gyani is amongst the rare academic courses which only a handful of institutes or perhaps even less number of institutes, offer. In earlier time during the mid 90’s, Gyani was considered equivalent to B.Ed. One could become a Punjabi Language Teacher by, merely passing the course. The ‘Old Gyani’ required 10th Pass or 12th Pass. Some institutes have started offering short term course in Punjabi instead of Gyani, mostly because of loss of importance of the Gyani and even more so because in modern times, it is more of a Certificate Course and not an eligibility to become a Punjabi Language Teacher. Gyani course can be completed via correspondence or on part time basis. The course if of 1 Year duration.


Bachelors Degree in any stream.  

Gyani Course Structure

To complete Gyani one needs to clear 7 Papers, out of which 1 is an Additional Paper.

Gyani Course Structure as per Punjabi University – 2011, applicable till 2013



Total Marks

Passing Marks

Paper 1

Ancient and Modern Poetry (puratan atey naveeen kavita)



Paper 2

Plays and Short Plays (natak atey ikangi)



Paper 3

Novels (punjabi galp)



Paper 4

Punjabi Prose (vartak)



Paper 5

Punjabi Language & History of Punjabi Literature (punjabi bhasha atey punjabi saahit da itehaas)



Paper 6

Article, Literature, Critique & Grammar (lekh, saahit roop, aalochan atey vyakran)



Paper 7

Additional Paper (any one)

Language paper in Hindi
Elementary Sanskrit
Elementary Persian
Language paper in Urdu







Gyani Course: Suitability

  • Those who have penchant for languages and are willing to learn a new language are most suitable for this course.
  • Any person who has a passion for Punjabi Culture is also suitable for this course.
  • Those who want to improve their Punjabi are suitable for this course.
  • Of course, any NRI who has a Punjabi blood or is/was linked with Punjabi tradition will find the course to his liking.

How is Gyani Course Beneficial?

  • Those professional who are being located to a Punjabi Language Region will find this course very helpful.
  • Knowledge of an additional language is always beneficial for any person.
  • Anthropologists and Linguists willing to increase their knowledge base or those who are doing research on Punjabi Culture.
  • The course increase the knowledge of Punjabi Culture and Traditions.

Gyani College

Punjabi University, Patiala.

Career Options / Job Opportunities

Gyani is not a career oriented course and job opportunities after completing Gyani are meagre. Gyani is more useful for those who are linked with Gurudwaras or Punjabi Language Institutes, Punjabi Language Libraries, Punjabi Culture Museums, Linguist Set-ups and Translation Agencies, Punjabi Language Newspapers, Magazines, Books and other Publications. Punjabi based websites provide employment opportunities for Gyani certificate holders. A Gyani is an additional accomplishment in one’s resume.

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