B.A. (Hons.) (Linguistics)

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Linguistics

Duration: 3 Years
Level: Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: 10+2

B.A. Hons Linguistics or Bachelor of Arts Honours in Linguistics is an undergraduate language course. Linguistics is the scientific study of human language; also it is the study of the nature, structure, and variation of language, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, and pragmatics. Students are introduced during the course with advance aspects of further Master degree. The duration of the course is three years but it depends only on institutes’ rules and regulations and may be more or less than three years.

B.A. Hons Linguistics Eligibility

  • Candidates should have been passed their 10+2 class exam from a recognised school board in the country.

B.A. Hons Linguistics Syllabus

Syllabus of (Hons) Linguistics as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


General Linguistics




Phonology & Morphology


Classification & Survey Of Languages


Syntax & Semantics


Indo-Aryan Linguistics


Old And Middle Indo-Aryan Linguistics




Old Persian


Bengali Linguistics


A synchronic study of the Bengali Language


Language teaching-lexicography sociolinguistics-Field linguistics


Computational Linguistics


B.A. Hons Linguistics Course Suitability

  • They should have the ability to construct and manage an argument; working as a team to achieve common goals; the ability to recognize and solve problems; using initiative and working independently.
  • They should also have the capacity of self-management with the ability to carry out personal reflection; time management and organization skills.
  • Those who want to go for further higher studies and willing to take up linguistic study deep also are suitable for it.
  • Candidates should possess good interpersonal and communication skills as well.

How is B.A. Hons Linguistics Course Beneficial?

  • After completing the course they can join education sector such as in schools, higher education, further education, non-school settings and teaching abroad. Also looks at the further study opportunities.
  • They have also the option of making career in publishing agencies; here they information on working in all areas of publishing such as books, journals, dictionaries, databases, magazines and newspapers.
  • Government and public administration also are open with them; here they work in administration for local government, the Civil Service and local councils.

B.A. Hons Linguistics Job Types

  • Project Coordinator - Linguistic Industry
  • English Language Trainer
  • Home Tutor
  • Language Coordinator
  • Telemarketing Executive
  • Teacher
  • Content Writer

Advance Courses in B.A. Hons Linguistics

Colleges and Institutes
Colleges offering B.A. (Hons.) (Linguistics) in India

B.A. (Hons.) (Linguistics) Colleges in India
Language Courses
Language Degree Courses
B.A. (Ardha Magadhi)
B.A. (Hons) (English Literature)
B.A. (Hons) (Persian)
B.A. (Hons) (Zongha)
B.A. (Hons.) (Santali)
B.A. (Islamic Studies)
B.A. (Khasi)
B.A. (Konkani)
B.A. (Maithili)
B.A. (Manipuri)
B.A. (Nepali)
B.A. (Pali)
B.A. (Persian)
B.A. (Santali)
B.A. (Shastri)
B.A. (Sindhi)
M.A. (Applied Linguistics)
M.A. (Arabic Language and Literature)
M.A. (Boro)
M.A. (English Language and Literature)
M.A. (English Language Teaching)
M.A. (European Languages)
M.A. (French/German/Hispanic/Italian Studies)
M.A. (Kashmiri)
M.A. (Linguistics)
M.A. (Manipuri)
M.A. (Nepali)
M.A. (Pali and Buddhist Studies)
M.A. (Pali)
M.A. (Persian)
M.A. (Rajasthani)
M.A. (Sindhi)
M.Phil. (Bulgarian)
M.Phil. (Computational Linguistics)
M.Phil. (Croatian)
M.Phil. (Czech)
M.Phil. (Dravidian Linguistics)
M.Phil. (English Language Teaching)
M.Phil. (French / German / Hispanic / Italian Studies)
M.Phil. (Hungarian)
M.Phil. (Linguistics)
M.Phil. (Pali)
M.Phil. (Persian)
M.Phil. (Polish)
M.Phil. (Prakrit)
M.Phil. (Serbian)
M.Phil. (Slovak)
M.Phil. (Translation Studies)
M.Phil. (Tulu)
Ph.D. (Any of the Indian Language)
Ph.D. (Bulgarian)
Ph.D. (Croatian)
Ph.D. (Czech)
Ph.D. (French/German/Hispanic/Italian Studies)
Ph.D. (Hungarian)
Ph.D. (Informatics and Language Engineering)
Ph.D. (Konkani)
Ph.D. (Persian)
Ph.D. (Polish)
Ph.D. (Serbian)
Ph.D. (Slovak)
Ph.D. (Translation Studies)
Ph.D. (Tulu)
Language Diploma Courses
Advance Diploma in Bhoti
Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics
Advanced Diploma in Bengali
Diploma German Language
Diploma in Bengali
Diploma in Boro
Diploma in Bulgarian
Diploma in Croatian
Diploma in Czech
Diploma in Hungarian
Diploma in Italian
Diploma in Kashmiri
Diploma in Linguistics
Diploma in Modern Indian Lang.
Diploma in Pali
Diploma in Persian
Diploma in Polish
Diploma in Serbian
Diploma in Slovak
Higher diploma in Prakrit
Lower diploma in Prakrit
Post Graduate Diploma in Bashanthara Adhyayayayana (Translation Studies)
Post Graduate Diploma in Language Teaching
Post Graduate Diploma in Spoken Persian
Post Graduate Diploma in Translation
Post M.A. Diploma in Adv. Trans./Interpretation
Post M.A. Diploma in Persian Palaeography
Language Certificate Courses
Certificate Course in Post Colonial Literature Studies
Certificate course in Attar
Certificate Course in Foreign Language
Certificate Course in Modern Persian
Certificate Course in Phalit Jyotish
Certificate course in Prakrit
Certificate Course in Sanskrit Kovid
Certificate Course in Tally
Certificate Course in Vedic Karmkand
Certificate in Apabhransha Language (CAL)
Certificate in Pali
Certificate in Swahili
Certificate of Proficiency in Polish
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