Physical Trainer - How to become a Physical Trainer

Physical Trainer has become one of the most sort after professions owning to inclination of the present day youth towards  sports activites and absolute physical fitness.We can say that it is the career which is spreading its feet in leaps and bounds. The time has long past when sports and physical activities were least bother about. Infect more importance is being given to these activities then to the formal education in some cases now. Masses have understood the importance of physical exercising in the human life now. More than that name and fame attached with the celebrities in the sports field has attracted the younger generation to the games and sports and thus the career of their supporting staff like Coaches, physical trainer has automatically gained a lot of importance.

Physical education and its professional have a major role to play in the school system. Without physical education program we can never hope for a child’s wholesome development. Thus the professionals in the field of physical education have a good opening in this area.

Physical Trainer also occupies a dignified position in the higher education sector apart from teaching in training colleges. Thus one can say professional scope of Physical Education and Sports Science professional is vast and vivid. Physical education is presently one of the best job generating professional area. There are many areas as mentioned above where one can get the service of Physical Education experts as a Physical Instructor/Trainer or as a Coach if one is apt in some particular field and properly trained to take up the assignment.

Thus the role of a physical Trainer has become very important and lucrative too. A lot of glamour has also been attached to this field at higher level because of the world wide approach of the sports and game and mass media involvement In the sports events. To perform this all important role in this field a Physical Instructor must possess very good hold in the relative field.

To get the necessary expertise one can go for one or more of the following short term and full time long term courses to make this as a career. It requires a lot of hard work and effort but at the same time offers enormous scope for building of one’s career.

Young people with desire and capacity for hard work can get both money and satisfaction along with name and fame now attached with this profession.


How to become a Physical Trainer?

Aspiring candidates have to do one or more of the following courses to become a Physical Trainer

Physical Trainer Training/courses.

1. Under Graduate Courses


1. Educational Qualification

Candidates who wish to apply for Bachelor degree with physical education as one of the main subjects should have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination securing a minimum of 50% marks (for some reputed institutions) in the aggregate with physical education as one of the main subject at +2 level.

Step 1

Interested candidate has to appear in an entrance tests conducted by the various Universities providing 3 years of degree courses in the collages affiliated with them.

However some colleges/universities also give admission on the basis of % of marks obtained in the qualifying class

Step 2

After completing this 3 years of course one has to go for one of the following specialized course for taking up any kind of assignment in the related field.

1. B.P.Ed (Bachelor of Physical Education)


1. Educational Qualification

To get admission to B.P.Ed students should be a graduate preferably with physical education as one of the subject.

Step 1

Interested candidate has to appear in an entrance tests conducted by the various Educational Collages /Sports Institution associated with the SAI (Sports Authorities of India)

However some universities also give admission on the basis of % of marks obtained in the qualifying class

Step 2

After completing this 1 years of course in which one has to go through all the major aspects of Physical education one can take up jobs in private or public school as a Physical Education Instructor/Trainer or one can join some physical training institution or sports coaching academies. Besides taking up a job one can also go for the higher studies like M.P. Ed, M. Phill or Ph.D in the relative subjects etc.


Physical Trainer Career Opportunities

Enormous employment opportunities are available for Physical Instructors/Trainer in private as well as public sector organisations. Like trained physical education experts can get priority in defense and police services with special recruitment derive for these fitter personal in general. They can be employed in the military training services as they can train the new entrant to these services. With the kind of importance being given to the physical education one can even find employment in the corporate sector. Nowadays they can find work even with individual sports player as personnel trainer or sports teams as a whole at college, university, state, or at the higher level with international teams.


Physical Trainer Salary

Physical Trainer  can expect anything between Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 while working  in some good school/college or institution to start with. A specialized instructor could earn as good as Rs.25,000 per month and more.

However if one goes for Personal assignment one can get as high as one can think of all this depends upon one’s own ability and demand in the field concerned. Few luckier one can also join international players and teams to add foreign currency to his bank balance along with a lot of name and fame.

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