Certificate Courses in India

Certificate Courses in India are unlike Degree Courses and Diploma Courses in India. They are a class apart, though their motive is the same. An academic certificate is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education or has passed a test or series of tests. Certificate is a Qualification attained in Secondary Education and qualifications in Higher Education. The document may present dates of attendance and student status (full-time or part-time) by term. Certificate Program is a course of study which either prepares an individual to complete a specific task or educate them about one particular aspect of a certain desired field. Certificate programs usually have very short duration like a few hours or those which are of less than one year in duration. These are like crash courses meant for quick update or gain skills needed to acquire a job or progress in a particular job. Certificate programs or courses in India are quite popular as they come in handy whenever the need requires and they focus just on a specific skill set. One can acquire these whilst pursuing a Diploma or Degree; here Certificate Programs act as Supplement for one’s career.

Certificate Programs in India

Top 10 Certificate Courses in India

Certificate Courses in India have another major advantage – if one is dissatisfied with one’s Degree or has mood of a Career Change, he/she can go for the required program. Certificate programs are especially beneficial for those who are looking to enhance their resumes without attending college full time. Earning a certificate allows them to expand their skill set while still working. But one should consult or seek information on whether one is pursuing the appropriate course, one which will really help him in his cause instead of ‘Just Jumping the Gun’. Certificate Programs in India are the most abundant and varied course as they are skill based and almost all the spheres of our lives require some skill or the other, from child rearing to old age care. What’s more, some require just basic schooling to pursue a certain certificate program. The importance of a Certificate Courses or Program depends upon one’s profession and at times it might turn out to be better than a Degree or Diploma. Sometimes a candidate needs just to be trained in specific areas rather than pursue Tag-Along subjects as can be witnessed in the case of Degrees. Example if one wants to study just certain aspects of Software, he will have to study extra topics if he takes the Degree Path before specialising in his desired field.

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