Courses after Graduation

Courses after Graduation were not much sought after, few years back. Courses after Graduation in India eventually picked up with IT revolution and advancement in academic scenario, especially in the western world. After graduation courses, today have gained importance both on academic and employment level. There are various courses after graduation, which are increasing in number every year. There are diploma courses after graduation, one year courses after graduation, short term courses after graduation and so on. Graduation is a big turning point in life, at this stage one generally goes for a career rather than go for post graduate studies. While it is a good choice to go for a job as not everyone wants to spend a few more years studying. Cost of study is another deterrent factor and so is the urge to earn as quickly as possible. But, the cutthroat competition means that you need to be exceptional. That is one reason why courses after graduation in India have become popular and widely accepted as a necessity rather than just another accomplishment. So whether these are - courses after graduation in arts, courses after graduation in commerce, courses after graduation in science or courses after graduation in engineering, they have acquired a great importance in one’s resume and employability. Also, there are many integrated and interdisciplinary courses which not only save a year but also provide extra knowledge and degree as well. It is advisable to go for those courses which one can really complete and not leave it in the middle due to extra burden or sudden lack of interest. One does not need to go for a long post graduate degree course; there are many 1 year courses, few months’ diploma courses and few weeks or days certification courses. It is not necessary that one should go for after graduation courses, only of post graduate level; one can study diploma courses after 10th, courses after 12th and or certificate courses in India, depending on one’s requirements and choice.

Courses available after graduation are mentioned below

List of Courses after Graduation

Courses after Graduation in Arts

Courses after Graduation in Commerce

Courses after Graduation in Science

Courses after Graduation in Engineering

Best Courses after Graduation

Best 100 Courses after Graduation 

1. M.B.A.


3. Company Secretary

4. B.Ed.

5. Master of Arts



8. Certified Management Accountant

9. Master of Engineering


11. M.A. Economics

12. M.A. English

13. M.A. Education

14. M.Sc.

15. M.A. Psychology

16. M.B.A. Marketing


18. M.A. (Political Science)

19. M.A. (Social Work)

20. M.A. History

21. M.A. Sociology

22. M.Sc. Chemistry

23. Certified Public Accountant

24. Post Graduate Diploma in Management

25. B.P.Ed. (1 year course)

26. M.Sc. Biotechnology

27. M.A. Philosophy

28. M.Sc. Computer Science

29. LLB

30. M. Tech. Biotechnology

31. M.A. Hindi

32. M.Sc. Physics

33. Master of Finance and Control

34. Master of Software Engineering (M. Tech. / M.E.)

35. M.A. Geography

36. M.Sc. Microbiology

37. M. Tech. Computer Science

38. Diploma in Management

39. Master of Commerce

40. M.Sc. Electronics

41. Elementary Teacher Training

42. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management

43. M.Sc. Mathematics

44. M.A. (Sanskrit)

45. Master of Management Studies

46. M. Tech. Bioinformatics

47. Diploma in French

48. M.Sc. Psychology

49. M.Sc. Zoology

50. M.B.A. Systems Management

51. M. Tech. / M.E. Mechanical Engineering

52. M.Sc. Statistics

53. M.Sc. Bioinformatics

54. B. Tech. + M.B.A

55.  M.Tech. Chemical Engineering

56. M.A. Home Science

57. M.B.A. Financial Management

58. PG Diploma in Bioinformatics

59. M.Sc. Electronic Media

60. M. Tech. Information Technology

61. M. Tech. Structural Engineering

62. M.Sc. Software Engineering

63. M.Sc. Home Science

64. Master in Marketing Management

65. Basic Training Certificate

66. M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry

67. M.E. Computer Science and Engineering

68. Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management

69. M.E. Applied Electronics

70. M.E. Civil Engineering

71. M.Sc. Geography

72. M.E. / M. Tech. CAD/CAM

73. Certified Financial Planner Certification

74. M.Sc. Geology

75. M. Tech. Electrical Engineering

76. M. Tech. / M.E.  Thermal Engineering

77. M. Tech. Machine Design

78. M.Sc. Genetics

79. M.E. / M.Tech. Environmental Engineering

80. Post Graduate Programme in Management

81. Chartered Financial Analysts

82. M.V.Sc.

83. M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

84. PG Diploma in Disaster Management

85. M.E. VLSI Design

86. M. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering

87. M.Sc. Forestry

88. Certificate Course in French

89. M.Sc. Physiology

90. M.E. Power Electronics & Drives

91. M.Tech. / M.E.  (Power System Engineering)

92. B.Lib.Sc.

93. Diploma in Library and Information Science

94. M.Sc. Applied Chemistry

95. M.E. / M.Tech. Embedded System Technologies           

96. Certificate Course in Information Technology

97. M.Tech. Communication Systems

98. MDEH

99. Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

100. Diploma in Linguistics

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