Diploma in Leather Goods Manufacturing

Duration: 1 Years
Level: Diploma After 10+2
Type: Diploma
Eligibility: 10th

Engineering Courses
Engineering Degree Courses
B.E. (Ship Building, Repair and Conversion Technology)
B.E. + M.E.
B.Tech. (Energy Technology) + LL.B (Intellectual Property Rights)
B.Tech. (Man Made Fibre Technology)
B.Tech. (Manufacturing & Management)
B.Tech. (Missile Technology)
B.Tech. (Packaging Technology)
B.Tech. (Polymer Technology)
B.Tech. (Printing, Graphics and Packaging)
B.Tech. (Professional Communication)
B.Tech. (Solar and Alternate Energy)
B.Tech. + M.B.A.
B.Tech. + M.Tech.
B.Tech.(Sugar & Alcohol Technology)
Graduate Mechanical Engineering (GME)
M.E. (System and Signal Processing)
M.E. (Automated Manufacturing Systems)
M.E. (Avionic)
M.E. (Communication Systems)
M.E. (Engineering Design)
M.E. (Farm Machinery & Power Engineering)
M.E. (Geoinformatics)
M.E. (Internal Combustion Engineering)
M.E. (Knowledge Engineering and Computational Linguistics)
M.E. (Optical Communication)
M.E. (Pervasive Computing Technologies)
M.E. (Quality Engineering Management)
M.E. (Signal Processing)
M.E. (Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering)
M.E. (Systems Science and Automation)
M.E. (Urban and Transportation)
M.Phil. (Bio Mineral Processing)
M.Phil. (Clean Coal & Energy Technology)
M.Phil. (Construction Engineering)
M.Phil. (Drilling Engineering)
M.Phil. (Fuel Engineering)
M.Phil. (Geomatics)
M.Phil. (Longwall & Mine Mechanisation)
M.Phil. (Maintenance Engg. Tribology)
M.Phil. (Mineral Engineering)
M.Phil. (Mineral Processing)
M.Phil. (Rock Excavation Engg.)
M.Sc.(Tech) Engineering Technology
M.Tech. (CAD/ CAM)
M.Tech. (Clean Coal & Energy Technology)
M.Tech. (Clean Technology)
M.Tech. (Clinical Engineering)
M.Tech. (Combustion and Propulsion)
M.Tech. (Computational Analysis In Mechanical Sciences)
M.Tech. (Computational Seismology)
M.Tech. (Control & Automation)
M.Tech. (Design Engineering)
M.Tech. (Digital Communication)
M.Tech. (Digital System & Signal Processing)
M.Tech. (Energy Management and Climate Change Technology)
M.Tech. (Exploration Geoscience)
M.Tech. (Fibre Optics and Lightwave Engineering)
M.Tech. (Fluids Engineering)
M.Tech. (Fuel & Combustion)
M.Tech. (Future Studies and Planning)
M.Tech. (Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering)
M.Tech. (Image Processing)
M.Tech. (Industrial Mathematics & Scientific Computing)
M.Tech. (Internal Combustion Engines & Gas Turbines)
M.Tech. (Laser Science & Applications)
M.Tech. (Mainframe Technology)
M.Tech. (Maintenance Engg. Tribology)
M.Tech. (Manufacturing and Automation)
M.Tech. (Nuclear Engineering)
M.Tech. (Oleochemicals and Surfactants Tech.)
M.Tech. (Optical & Wireless Communication Technologies - OWCT)
M.Tech. (Optoelectronics and Laser Technology)
M.Tech. (Optoelectronics and Optical Communication)
M.Tech. (Real Time Systems)
M.Tech. (Rock Excavation Engg.)
M.Tech. (Solar and Alternative Energy)
M.Tech. (Solid State Technology)
M.Tech. (Sugar Engineering)
M.Tech. (System Management)
M.Tech. (Welding Technology)
M.Tech. + M.B.A.
Ph.D. (Surface Coating Technology)
Post Graduate Diploma in Offshore Structures and Sub Sea Engineering
Engineering Diploma Courses
Advance Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering
Diploma Course in Power Plant Engineering
Diploma in Applied Videography
Diploma in Cement Technology
Diploma in Construction Engineering
Diploma in Drilling Engineering
Diploma in Fabrication Technology & Erection Engineering
Diploma in Fire and Safety Management
Diploma in Fire Engineering
Diploma in Fire Fighting and Industrial Security
Diploma in Fire Safety and Hazard Management
Diploma in Fire Safety Engineering
Diploma in Fire Service Engineering
Diploma in Foundry Technology
Diploma in Maintenance and Plant Engineering
Diploma in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
Diploma in Sugar Technology
Diploma in Tube Well Engineering
Dipolma in Fire and Safety Engineering Management
Post Diploma Course in Satellite Communication
Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
Post Graduate Diploma in Ship Building, Repair and Conversion Technology
Engineering Certificate Courses
Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management (ACPDM)
Certificate Course in Dye Penetrant Testing (Level I)
Certificate Course in Magnetic Particle Testing (Level I)
Certificate Course in Magnetic Particle Testing (Level II)
Certificate Course in Ultrasonic Testing (Leve1 I)
Certificate Course in Dye Penetrant Testing (Level II)
Certificate Course in Foundry Technology
Certificate course in Servicing and Maintenance of Medical Instruments
Certificate Course in Tool and Die Technology
Certificate Course in Ultrasonic Testing (Level II)
Certificate Course in Fire Safety (CFS)
Certificate Course in Fuel Economy in Furnaces & Boiling and Fuel Testing
Certificate Course in Microprocessor Applications
Certificate Course in Operation & Maintainance of Transmission & Distribution System
Certificate Course in Quality Engineering and Total Quality Management
Certificate Course in Ship / Offshore Structure Design
Certificate Course in Shipbuilding Technology
Certificate Course in Shoe Manufacturing Technology
Certificate Course in Thematic Surveying by Remote Sensing
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