A word that is used as the name of a person, place or thing is known as a Noun.

  • Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader.
  • Chandigarh is in the foothills of Shivalik.
  • The sun rises in the East.
  • His courage won him accolades.

Words in bolds are all Nouns.

Imp:-The word person in the definition represents all the living beings. The word things include (i) all objects that can be seen, hear, taste, touch or smell; and (ii) something that we can think of, but cannot perceive by the sense.

Classification of Noun

Nouns can be further classified in various categories in following ways.

Classic Categorisation of Nouns

  1. Proper Noun
    • Ruchi was born on Friday.
    • Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab.
    • The Gita is sacred book.

  2. Common Noun
    • Girls play in the field.
    • Sudha has read many books.
    • My Bike is very costly.
    • Trees give us fruit.
    • Cows give milk.
    • Water is useful for health.
    • Air is necessary for life.
    • Sahil is the Dara Singh of our school.
    • Shakespeare is the Kalidas of England.
    • Kashmir is the Switzerland of Asia.
    • Jaipur is the Paris of India.

  3. Collective Noun
    • Our team won the match.
    • Indian army fought bravely.
    • Three players of their team have injured.

  4. Material Noun
    • Iron is very useful metal.
    • My watch is made of gold.
    • Brass is yellow in colour.

  5. Abstract Noun
    • Beauty is only a nine days’ wonder.
    • Laughter is the best medicine.
    • Poverty is the greatest curse.

Modren Classification of Nouns

  1. Countable Noun

  2. Uncountable Noun

  3. The Noun Gender
    • Masculine Gender
    • Feminine Gender
    • Common Gender
    • Neuter Gender 

  4. The Noun Number
    • Singular Number Noun
    • Plural Number Noun

  5. The Noun Case
    • Nominative Case
    • Objective Case
    • Subjective Case


Practice exercises of Nouns

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