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A notice is a very short piece of writing which is usually formal in style. It is widely used by individuals and organizations to announce events and celebrations, births and deaths, occasions like inaugurations or sales, to issue public instructions, to make appeals and to extend invitations besides issue notices of termination to the employees or other way round ie notice of leaving the job from the employee to the employer. Most notices are meant to be pinned up or pasted on special boards meant for this specific purpose only. There must be one or more such notice board in the school and other organization. Whereas notices issued by the Government departments and other big organization also appear in various newspapers.

How to Write a Notice?

Writing an effective notice is a kind of art that can be acquired with practice with keeping some basic points in mind while writing them out. Your notice should give complete information and must be written in a clear and lucid style and easily understandable language.

Content that a good effective notice must include in it are:

  • Name of the Organization, Institution or Office issuing it.
  • Date of issuing of a particular notice.
  • The heading ‘Notice’ to make it very clear.
  • A suitable description/ eye-catching caption or heading to hold the immediate attention of the reader.
  • Purpose for which it has been written like calling a meeting, drawing attention, making an appeal or informing general public about some issue of concern etc.
  • Details of schedule i.e. date, time, venue, programme, duration etc. in case the notice is about an event to be organized in the near future.

Format of Notice Writing

Notice circulated for some kind of official/non-official Meeting should definitely have:-      

  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Agenda/ Purpose
  • Who is to attend
  • Specific instructions
  • Contact person/ Address

Format of Notice Writing (Official / Non-Official) with Example

Notice issued for informing about some Events

  • Name
  • Objective/ Purpose/ Occasion
  • Date
  • Time/ Duration
  • Place/ Venue
  • Essential qualifications/ Eligibility/ Conditions
  • Contact address
  • Specific instructions
  • Depending upon the occasion, one can use suitable background images, logos or any graphic representing the event.
Format of Notice Writing (Event Notification) with Example

Notice for Lost and Found of article or other valuables

  • Article Lost/ Found
  • Date
  • Time (approx)
  • Place
  • Identification marks (color, size, contents, material)
  • Contents
  • Whom to contact, When and Where

Format of Notice Writing (Lost or Found) with Example

Notice issued for informing the masses/general public for change of Name

  • Drawing attention
  • Existing name
  • Address
  • New Name
  • Reason of Change

Notice informing about Tours/ Fairs/ Exhibitions/ Camps to be organized in near future.

  • Name and Nature
  • Occasion
  • Venue
  • Objective - information, awareness, appeal, invitation etc.
  • Dates/ Timing
  • Expenditure/ Entry fee etc.
  • Beginning/ Conclusion
  • Place (for Tours)
  • Duration: From ….. to …..
  • Contact address
  • Specific instructions (e.g. do’s & don’ts, visiting hours. etc.)

Important Points to Remember while writing a notice:

  • Notices can use capital letters for details such as names of organizations, captions, an important detail within the message itself.
  • The date of the notice can be placed at the top right or left, or bottom right or left hand corner.
  • The entire content of the notice is centered within a ‘box’.
  • The individual/s responsible for issuing the notice indicates the name below the signature in parenthesis, followed by their designation/s.
  • Complete sentences need not always be used in all types of notices. Abbreviations and symbols an also be used.
  • Usually future time references predominate over other tense forms.
  • There is penalty for exceeding the prescribed word limit ( i.e. 50 words for the body of the notice)
Notice Writing Examples

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Format of Notice Writing (Official / Non-Official)

                                   NOTICE TITLE or just NOTICE
                                                            Date _____
                                                           Time _____
                                            Venue / Place ______
Agenda / Purpose  _____________
(Review of policy, Stationary required, Discussion on new timings, Shortage of fund, Recovering deficits etc.)

Speakers / Chief Guest  _________
(Name of the Speaker, Chief Guests Name, or Name of Dignitary or Dignitaries attending, Special Guests etc.)

Specific Instructions or Instructions _____________
Switch off Mobiles, No Eatables allowed, Formal Clothing not allowed, Bring your own Pen and Paper, Late arrivals not allowed, Adults only, Ladies only, Those aged between 20-30, Officials only)

For more Information Contact Person / Organisation  Address ___________________

Format of Notice Writing (Event Notification)

                                                    Event Name ______
(Flower show, Dog show, Bachelor party, Fancy dress)
 Date  _________
 Time / Duration ___________
 Venue / Place __________
(stadium, university centre, college campus, hotel, restaurant, discotheque)

Occasion / Event Details ________
(Silver jubilee, Launch of a product, Festival, Convention, Opening ceremony etc.)

Instructions ___________
(Dress code, No Eatables allowed, Adults only, Ladies only, Age limit, Officials only,
Couples only etc. )

Contact ______

  • It is not compulsory to follow the format in the same manner; one can place Date, Time, Place along with Event Name, under the Event Name but always in the Top Section of the Notice.
  • Similarly, one can change the Placement of other Essentials as per ones’ Layout, Design or Criteria.

Format of Notice Writing (Lost or Found)

                                   Title of Lost or Found Notice
(Lost:- Missing black labrador, Lost silver coloured laptop, White & blue Philips MP3 player, etc.)

(Found:- Black wallet, Driving license, Keys, USB flash drive, Ring engraved with initials ‘J’ etc.)

Description / Content _____________
(Full details like black labrador dog, aged 4 years wearing a black collar with ‘S’ initial,
Mention color, size, contents, material and other required information)

Place ____
(Name of street, Hotel, Cab, Parking lot etc. where item was lost or found)
Date _____            Time _____
Contact _______
(Call me, Give me a call, Ring me up, Get in touch at this number etc.)

  • It is not compulsory to follow the format in the same manner; one can place Date, Time, Place within the Description / Content (para), one can also highlight these with Bold Letters or Underlined or Differently coloured Alphabets).
  • Similarly, one can change the Placement of other Essentials as per ones’ Urgency . These can also be highlighted with Bold Letters, Underlined Letter or Differently coloured Alphabets).
  • One can also include Photos of Missing Person, Missing Dog, Lost Item depending upon the budget and other considerations, not required academically or grammatically.
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