Simple Present Tense Conversation

Rosie : Hello, Aditi!

Aditi : Hello, Rosie!

Rosie : I like to play with my dolls.

Aditi :   I also play with my dolls.

Rosie : Can you run fast?

Aditi :   Yes, I can run very fast.

 Rosie : What do you eat, Aditi?

 Aditi :   I eat rice and curd.

 Rosie : Do you like to sing?

Aditi  :   No, I can’t sing.

Rosie :  Does your sister sing?

Aditi  :  Yes, my sister sings many songs.

Rosie : My brother plays golf.

Aditi  : My brother plays badminton.

Rosie : That child cries a lot.

Aditi  : Because he doesn’t eat anything, and always feels hungry.

Rosie : Do you often go to the park?

Aditi  : I don’t. But my brother goes everyday.

Rosie : My sister works hard.

Aditi  : We all should work hard.

Rosie : Does he abuse you?

Aditi  : No, he doesn’t abuse me.

Rosie : One should think and act.

Aditi  : Usually we don’t think; we just act.

Rosie : Your younger sister appears very charming.

Aditi  : Most of the children appear charming.

Rosie : My mother believes in God.

Aditi  : My father doesn’t believe in God.

Rosie : That girl always borrows other’s things.

Aditi  : One shouldn’t borrow from others.

Rosie : What does your mother bring for you?

Aditi  : She always brings chocolates for me.

Rosie : Their father doesn’t care for them.

Aditi  : But their mother cares for them a lot.

Rosie : Do you carry this bag to school?

Aditi  : My servant carries it for me.

Rosie : Can you catch that butterfly?

Aditi  : Yes, I like to catch that butterfly.

Rosie : Do you wash your clothes yourself?

Aditi  : No, My mother washes my clothes.

Rosie : Can you climb a tree?

Aditi  : I can’t. But my brother climbs trees.

Rosie : Please come to my house in the evening.

 Aditi  : First you come to my house today in the evening.

Rosie : I like to dance.

Aditi  : Really; my aunt dances too.

Rosie : My brother can’t drive.

Aditi  : My brother, however, drives well.

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