Present Perfect Tense Conversation 1

Abhishek   :   Hello, Shweta!

Shweta      :   Hello, Abhishek!

Abhishek   :   I have worked hard today.

Shweta      :   We all have worked hard today.

Abhishek   :   Have they finished the job?

Shweta      :   Yes, they finished the job.

Abhishek   :   He must have stopped the car.

Shweta      :   He has not stopped the car.

Abhishek   :   She has not done a good job.

Shweta      :   But she has tried her best.

Abhishek   :   Have you not worked hard?

Shweta      :   No, I have not worked hard.

Abhishek   :    Have not they finished their work?

Shweta      :   Yes, they have finished their work.

Abhishek   :   Has he not given you money?

Shweta      :   No, he must have forgotten.

Abhishek   :   Has he not helped you?

Shweta      :   Yes he has helped me.

Abhishek   :   You have made a good bargain.

Shweta      :   I have not made a good bargain.

Abhishek   :   Have they not praised you?

Shweta      :   No, they have not praised me.

Abhishek   :   Have you dismissed your servant?

Shweta      :   Yes, I have dismissed my servant.

Abhishek   :   The officer has dismissed the clerk.

Shweta      :   But he has not dismissed his receptionist.

Abhishek   :   Have you not torn my shirt?

Shweta      :   No, you have torn your shirt yourself.

Abhishek   :   You have known me since 1980.

Shweta      :   Have I ever denied it?

Abhishek   :   Who has built the Taj Mahal.

Shweta      :   Shah Jehan Has built the Taj Mahal.

Abhishek   :   Has he sold his watch?

Shweta      :   No, he has not sold his watch.

Abhishek   :   They have always driven carelessly.

Shweta      :   They have caused maximum number of accidents also.

Abhishek   :   He has been a generous man.

Shweta      :   Yes, He has always given money to charity.

Abhishek   :   They have always begin on time

Abhishek   :   He has always sent reports to them.

Shweta      :   It has run very smooth.

Abhishek   :   Yes, I have not faced any problem.

Abhishek   :   You have chosen your clothes very carefully.

Shweta      :   My mother has chosen it.

Abhishek   :   I have always taken good care of my car.

Shweta      :   Have you ever driven a Contessa?

Abhishek   :   He has always forgotten his friend’s name.

Shweta      :   He has always had trouble because of that.

Abhishek   :   I have always spoken softly.

Shweta      :   Have you seen that movie?

Abhishek   :   No, I have not seen that movie.

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