Lecturer - How to become a Lecturer

Lecturer is a rank given to an educationist who teaches students of senior secondary and above in the higher educational institutions.

Youth of any country is the future of it. If he is on the right path then the country he belongs to is automatically on the path to progress. And it is the Lecturer who controls the path of a youth in the true sense. He is one such person who is in direct contact with the youth most of the time. He is one who knows the art of handling the energy of youth in the right direction. Therefore it is the lecturer who is sitting on the driver’s seat in the progress of a country. We can say he is the one who is the saviour of the society as he plays a vital role in the building of a worthy human being out of directionless youths. Lecturer makes or mars a good human being out of a raw human being by giving right kind of knowledge.

Although for some time this profession lost it importance but ones again it is regaining the lost glory.   Masses in general have got aware of the fact that a good Lecturer is the only one who can make their youth true and competitive human being with his own experience, expertise and knowledge. Therefore it is very important to have professionally qualified Lecturer to ensure the right development of students who can impart training to the younger generation according to their needs and aspiration in the near future.

For nurturing this youth brigade and training them according to their aspiration good Lecturer themselves require top most knowledge that can be acquired by doing various courses available for the upcoming Lecturers.

With the increase in the human activities in all area of human domain the requirement of well informed human recourses is increasing every day thereby the need of those who can produce them i.e. the Lecturer.

Increase in the number of senior secondary schools and colleges have raised the demand of Lecturers. So there is no dearth of scope for the people in this noble profession of nation building. However, teaching when compared to other professions is less lucrative but it is the mental satisfaction attached with the profession that draws the attention of individuals.


Lecturer Eligibility

1. Educational Qualification

To be eligible to be a lecturer one should hold at least a Master’s Degree in any of the relevant subject with at least 55% marks in it. Higher qualifications are always preferred.


Lecturer Required Skills

  • Lecturers should have skills like public speaking in front of audiences.
  • They should be able to good at planning and preparing lessons or seminars; setting and marking assignments, tests and exams; monitoring and assessing students’ progress.
  • They should also be able to develop new courses and teaching materials; keep records and carrying out other administrative tasks.
  • They should also be habitual in going to meetings, professional development courses and workshops; and interviewing prospective students.
  • They should have acting as personal tutor like supporting students and helping with problems; supervising practical work, work placements or field trips. 


How to become a Lecturer?

Aspiring candidate have to follow below given steps to become a Lecturer

Step 1

Interested candidate has to appear in UGC-NET exam which is held twice a year and pass it. This is the only hurdle to be cleared to be eligible to get a job as a lecturer in a college.

Step 2

After clearing UGC-NET exam one is eligible for applying as a lecturer in any collage affiliated with any of the university recognised by UGC in India. Clearing of UGC-NET does not gives guarantee of any job it is just a condition to be cleared.

One has to individually apply against the post advertised by various colleges from time to time in the mass media. College authorities can appoint a lecture by their own means. They may take a written test followed by an interview to select the deserving candidate or a walk in interview may be the criterion for the selection.


Lecturer Job Description

The job description of a Lecturer includes giving knowledge to their students in their subject of speciality. Besides giving theoretical knowledge they are also responsible to teach them the moral value of life and make them aware of the practicality of life.


Lecturer Career Prospects

There are many career prospects for them after its completion-

  • Lecturer
  • Reader
  • Assistant Professor
  • Professor
  • Head of the department

With higher qualification and one’s own ability in varying fields of education one can go as high as Vice-Chancellor of the University.

For becoming a good lecturer one should have very good knowledge and skill about teaching techniques. For these one should try to join the best possible colleges in India.


Lecturer Salary

Lecturer can expect as many as Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month to start with and go up to Rs. 50,000 with experience and promotions. Apart from joining a private or Government College or Senior Secondary School with considerably good salaries one can also go for private tuitions centre and can earn some extra money along with regular job of a lecturer.

With the growth of education field making a good carrier is not a tough task for the deserving and hard working persons.

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