Radio Jockey - How to become a Radio Jockey

Radio Jockey as a career has spread in the younger generation more than any other new professions in the recent past. After a steep downfall in the popularity of radio broadcasting in 80’s and 90’s due to the advent of the TV and then of the Internet. There is an equal bounce back of this most popular mass media of post independent era. And the whole credit for this goes to the advent of the FM radio. These channels have infused a new lease of life to radio. The persons involved behind the scene  in these channels are Known as Radio Jockey’s or RJ is short.

Radio Jockeying is an exciting, promising and extremely challenging career for those who have love for music. Radio Jockey job profile includes anchoring music programmes on radio channels and entertaining the listeners by conveying messages in attractive and humorous ways. Besides this they play requests from listeners, interview guests, manage contests and also provide information on the music, weather, traffic and various other aspects of the life in most hilarious and entertaining ways.

Though seems to be an easy task but in reality it is a profession that requires a lot of hard work and presence of mind because one has to put all the good impression just through his sound. It is the performance of these Radio Jockeys that makes or mars the importance and popularity of a channel of the radio station. Radio jockeys are always expected with new ideas, concepts along with a lot of enthusiasm.

To be a successful Radio Jockey one should have his own style of communicating. Apart from good voice an efficient RJ should be warm, friendly, spontaneous, and dynamic and must possess good communication skills so that he could leave an everlasting imprint of his voice on the listener.


Radio Jockey Eligibility

Radio Jockeying is a totally talent based field. Basically there is no need of any kind of formal education to be an RJ but to learn the tricks of the trade at fast pace the aspirants should be at  least plus two or graduates in any field.


Radio Jockey Required Skills

  • The most essential and mandatory requirement for becoming a Radio Jockey is good voice with the ability to modulate it as per the occasion and the demand of the situation.
  • They should have a clear diction, accurate pronunciation, flare and fluency in the language they are using to give the performance.
  • They should be able to control the pitches of their voice or at least should be able to learn to use them if imparted some training.
  • They should have good sense of humour, individuality, creativity of mind, spontaneity and an intensive knowledge of music and the relative activities.
  • Qualities like mimicry, local dialects and comedy or humour items are added assets that will help the RJ to carry on their shows as well as career.
  • Besides all the above qualities RJ should be diplomatic in character as they have to interact with a lot of people having different likes, tastes and nature. They must maintain a down-to-earth, friendly and approachable attitude so that listeners can comfortably call them and speak their hearts out without any kind of hesitation.
  • Young one’s with all or some of the above given traits can do some short time course to sharp their skills and become successful RJ’s


How to become a Radio Jockey?

To be a successful RJ one can undergo one or more of the following Radio Jockey Courses:

  • Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management (DRPM).
  • Diploma in Radio Jockeying (DRJ).
  • Post Graduate Diploma in  Radio and Broadcast Management (PGDRBM).
  • Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying (CRJ).


1. Educational Qualification

To be eligible to join three of the above (course 1, course 2 and course 4) one should be 10+2 in any stream and a graduate for (course 3)

Step 1

Interested candidate has to appear in an entrance tests conducted by EMDI Encompass Institute of Radio Management to admit candidates in (course 1,2,3) six months course. Candidates are admitted after the merit in the written exam and the screening test. Screening test only in case of the certificate course only.

Step 2

After completing this 6 months course in which one has to go through all the major aspects of the field of study one can join some channel to start his career at high note.


Radio Jockey Job Prospects

The job of a Radio Jockey is of diversifying nature. They are not supposed to work for any number of fixed hours a day. In fact they work according to the assignments given to them from time to time. They can be asked to anchor a show anytime of the day or night. A Radio Jockey should also be able to write scripts for a show and should be aware about the latest movies and songs. Beside he should also be able to deal with sound equipment and computers.

There is a lot of scope for good RJ in organisations like AIR, Times FM, Radio Mid-Day and other independent radio stations. One can enter into this field either by giving audition or by approaching a software producing company.

AIR (All India Radio) holds auditions for RJs every 3 months in their radio stations in various cities especially in metros. The selection is highly competitive and the selected RJs are given in-house training for 2 months in everything related to broadcasting on the radio stations that include operations of CD players to mixers to Digital audio technology etc.

The software companies generally prefer people with 2-3 years experience. A few radio software producers in Mumbai are Radiostar, Radio Mid-day and Radio Wani.


Radio Jockey Salary

With the opening up of the radio waves for the private sectors Radio Jockeys are in much demand now a days. Radio Jockey Salary for beginners can is between Rs.7,000 to Rs.15,000 per month. Sponsored programs, software producing companies may pay between Rs.2,000 to Rs.2,500 per show depending upon the popularity and acceptance of the individual RJ.

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