Vocational Courses Courses in India

Vocational Courses are certain disciplines which enables individuals to acquire skills which are traditionally non-academic and totally related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation. They are also known as Technical Education, Career and Technical Education (CTE) or Vocational Education and Training (VET) as they directly develop expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology through manual or practical activities.

Vocational courses are primarily designed in such a way that they impart a thorough application-based study wherein theoretical concepts of a field are not studied independently, but are subordinated to the understanding of techno-operational aspects of specific jobs. Till few years back such courses were looked down upon by majority. With diversification in various fields, the industry requires more and more skilled people. With huge demand of skilled workers the popularity of the vocational courses has risen. These courses are offered at comparatively less cost than the university or college degree and some are also available online.

List of Vocational Courses courses in India
Degree Courses in Vocational CoursesTotal Colleges
B.A. (Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management)
Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management
View 4
B.Sc. (Catering Management)
Bachelor of Science in Catering Management
View 9
Diploma Courses in Vocational CoursesTotal Colleges
Advance Diploma in Accessory & Lifestyle Products -
Advanced Diploma in English Communication and Presentation SkillsView 3
Diploma Course in Communication Skills in EnglishView 4
Diploma in Advanced PaintingView 1
Diploma in Beauty CareView 1
Diploma in Beauty CultureView 90
Diploma in Beauty Culture and Hair DressingView 17
Diploma in Catering Assistant (DCA)View 4
Diploma in Catering ManagementView 5
Diploma in Computerised Accounting and Financial Decision-Making (DCAFD)View 1
Diploma in CosmetologyView 69
Diploma in Cutting and TailoringView 13
Diploma In Database AdministrationView 4
Diploma in Food PreservationView 7
Diploma in Food ProductionView 69
Diploma in Four Wheeler Mechanism (DFWM)View 2
Diploma in Garment MakingView 4
Diploma in Hair DesigningView 83
Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management (DHCM)View 13
Diploma in Hoteliering and Catering (DHC)View 1
Diploma in House Electrician (DHE)View 5
Diploma in International Culinary Arts and EntrepreneurshipView 1
Diploma in Kitchen and Catering OperationsView 1
Diploma in Mobile RepairingView 1
Diploma in PaintingView 6
Diploma in Professional CookeryView 11
Diploma in Refrigeration & Air-ConditioningView 12
Diploma in Restaurant Service (DRS)View 5
Diploma in Secretarial PracticeView 15
Diploma in Television & Video ProductionView 4
Diploma in VideographyView 5
Post Graduate Diploma in Audio-VideoView 2
Post Graduate Diploma in Cookery and CateringView 1
Post Graduate Diploma in Spoken English (PGDSE)View 6
Post-Graduate Diploma in Future Studies Explorations towards a New Creation (PGDENC)View 1
Certificate Courses in Vocational CoursesTotal Colleges
Advance Certificate Course in Industrial TrainingView 1
Advanced Certificate Course in Beauty CultureView 58
Advanced Certificate Course in Hair DesigningView 62
Certificate course in Domestic WiremanView 2
Certificate course in Book binding and Handmade packagingView 1
Certificate course in Fabricator-
Certificate course in Leather craftView 2
Certificate course in PotteryView 2
Certificate Course in Accommodation Operation (Housekeeping)View 2
Certificate Course in Accounting of Trust and Society-
Certificate Course in Advanced BeauticianView 1
Certificate Course in Advertising DesignView 1
Certificate Course in Art of Make upView 81
Certificate Course in Banking ManagementView 1
Certificate Course in Basic ElectronicsView 1
Certificate Course in Basic Front OfficeView 39
Certificate course in Batik workView 1
Certificate Course in Beauty CultureView 66
Certificate Course in Beauty Culture & Hair DressingView 27
Certificate Course in Body Massages/ TherapiesView 59
Certificate Course in Call CenterView 4
Certificate Course in Camera & Lighting TechniqueView 4
Certificate Course in Catering ManagementView 3
Certificate Course in Clinical NutritionView 40
Certificate Course in Computer BasicsView 10
Certificate Course In Computer Hardware View 17
Certificate Course In Computer Typing and Internet operation View 2
Certificate Course in Computerised Accounting View 9
Certificate Course in Computerized Accounting & Financial Application View 1
Certificate Course in Copyright for Entertainment & Media-
Certificate course in craft and designView 3
Certificate Course in Desk Top PublishingView 24
Certificate Course in English and Communication Skills View 9
Certificate Course in Hair DesigningView 79
Certificate course in Hand-Made Paper MakingView 1
Certificate course in Handloom WeavingView 1
Certificate Course in Herbal Beauty Care (CHBC)View 2
Certificate Course in KarateView 2
Certificate Course in Maintenance and Repairing of Audio-Video Equipment (CMRAVE)View 1
Certificate Course in Maintenance and Repairing of Electronic Domestic Appliances (CMREDA)View 1
Certificate course in Mobile Communication (CDMA Track)View 1
Certificate Course in Mobile Communication (GSM Track)View 1
Certificate Course in Mobile Phone Repairing (CMPR)View 1
Certificate Course In Motor and Small Rating Transformer Winding View 1
Certificate Course in Nutrition and DieteticsView 61
Certificate Course in Office ManagementView 30
Certificate Course in PaintingView 5
Certificate Course in Pedicure and ManicureView 58
Certificate Course in Professional Make UpView 63
Certificate Course in Spa TherapiesView 51
Certificate Course in Sports & Fitness NutritionView 59
Certificate Course in Stenography & Secretarial PracticeView 5
Certificate Course in Technical ExcellenceView 1
Certificate Course in Technology Transfer & LicensingView 1
Certificate Course in Welding TechnologyView 3
Certificate course in Wood workView 1
Certificate in Basic Life Skills and Personal Program-
Certificate in BeauticianView 7
Certificate in CADView 7
Certificate in Computer Operations for the Blind-
Certificate in Corporate CommunicationView 2
Certificate in Engg. (Vocations Mason)-
Certificate in Engg. Vocations (Fitter General)View 2
Certificate in Engg. Vocations (Lathe Operator)-
Certificate in Engg. Vocations (Mechanic TV & VCD)View 1
Certificate in Engg. Vocations (Mechanic Two Wheeler)View 3
Certificate in Engg. Vocations (Motor Rewinding)-
Certificate in Engg. Vocations (Plumber)View 1
Certificate in Engg. Vocations (Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning)View 5
Certificate in English & Communication SkillsView 13
Certificate in English Speaking & Personality DevelopmentView 11
Certificate in Motorcycle Service & Repair (CMSR)View 1
Certificate in Mutual Fund Distributors-
Certificate in Shoe Upper Cutting (CSUC)View 1
Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution (CCPD)View 3

Some Vocational Courses 

  1. Architectural Draughtsmanship
  2. Cutting/Tailoring & Dress Making
  3. Computer Operator & Programme Assistant
  4. Desk Top Publishing
  5. Electrical Technician
  6. Electronics (Radio/TV/Tape Recorder Mechanic)
  7. Fruit & Vegetable Preservation Programs
  8. Hair & Skin Care
  9. Library Assistant
  10. Plumbing
  11. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  12. Secretarial Practices
  13. Stenography
  14. Typewriting

Benefits of Vocational courses

1.  Vocational courses give dual advantage of traditional knowledge as well as vocational skills.

2.  Their focus is on specialised as opposed to a generalised understanding of different disciplines.

3.  They offer a realistic insight into the requirements of particular types of job or jobs. 

4.  The ongoing trends in the global job market favours Specialised Learners in every field and at all levels while others are unable to adjust to the dynamics of competitiveness. It is in this regard that a vocational cousre comes to the rescue of those who had specialised learning.

5.  They develop skilled manpower through diversified courses to meet the requirements of mainly the unorganised sector.

6.  Development of self-employment skills in people as a large number of courses are Self Employment Oriented.

7.  They scale the bridge between the skilled manpower required and skilled manpower available.
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