M.D. (Hospital Administration)

Doctor of Medicine in Hospital Administration

Duration: 3 Years
Level: Doctorate
Type: Degree
Eligibility: M.B.B.S.

M.D. Hospital Administration or Doctor of Medicine in Hospital Administration is a postgraduate Hospitality Management course. The hospital administrator plays a vital a role in saving lives, without having to take scalpel in hand. Hospital administrators manage hospitals, outpatient clinics, hospices, and drug-abuse treatment centres. The programs enable individuals to take on leadership roles by equipping them with training in planning, project and operational management, financial, material and human resource management. Course gives require knowledge and skill in various fields, including personal management, good interpersonal skill, personality development with change in attitude and positive behaviour, hospitality management, labour laws, health financing, material management, support service management in addition to comprehensive medical knowledge befitting with running of hospital. 

M.D. Hospital Administration Eligibility                       

  • M.B.B.S. with minimum 55% marks
  • Some reputed colleges and institutes do conduct entrance examination to get admission to Degree course.

M.D. Hospital Administration Syllabus

The following are study related subjects:-

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


General Administration and Management in Hospital


Health Administration and Medical Care


Hospital Administration and Hospital Planning


Administration of Clinical and Non-clinical services and Administration Problems


M.D. Hospital Administration Colleges

M.D. Hospital Administration Course Suitability

  • The course is suitable for those who want to keep up with advances in medicine, computerized diagnostic and treatment equipment, data processing technology, government regulations, health insurance changes, and financing options.
  • It helps those who want to have further research studies also are suitable for it.
  • Candidates have a lot of opportunities in large corporate hospitals private/ government, Clinics Consulting firms, Health insurance organizations, Healthcare associations, Nursing homes, mental health organizations, Public health departments, Rehabilitation centers, Universities and research institutions.

How is M.D. Hospital Administration Course Beneficial?

  • The course is beneficial for those who have multidisciplinary conceptual skills to protect the medical profession and clients from unnecessary litigation, human resource development, quality and risk management, environment conservation, marketing and product diversification and logistic emergency management.
  • The course helps the candidates in developing expertise in planning and managing different types of hospitals and will equip the student with problem solving devices.
  • They can find employment in large Corporate/ public/ private sector hospitals, clinics, international and national healthcare organizations and health insurance companies, college and universities, healthcare centres, nursing homes, mental health organizations, public health departments, rehabilitation centres, pharmaceuticals and hospital supply firms, medical software companies and hospital consulting firms.

M.D. Hospital Administration Employment Areas

  • Private Clinics
  • Government Hospitals
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Medical Institutes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Research Institutes

M.D. Hospital Administration Job Types

  • Manager Hospital Administration
  • Manager - Administration
  • International Hospital - Medical Superintendent
  • Operations Head - Eye Care Hospital
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Centre Manager - Clinic/ Hospital
  • Operations Manager - Multi-Specialty Hospital
  • Resident Pathologist
  • Resident Anaesthetist
  • Casualty Medical Officer - General Surgery
  • Operations Manager - Hospital
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