Master in Hospital Management

Duration: 2 Years
Level: Post Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: Graduation

M.H.M. or Master of Hospital Management is a postgraduate Hospital Management course. Master of Hospital Management course is two years course and spread over four semesters of theory with practical. M.H.M.  Course provides a direct link between healthcare facilities and those supplying the services they need. Hospital administrators are responsible for the administration, leadership, and management of hospitals and hospital networks. Hospital Management courses also open for non-medical background graduates.  A master's degree in healthcare or health administration is the standard credential for those in the field of hospital administration. By Hospital Management new realities are placing pressures on the healthcare industry, and how patient care is delivered. Rising hospital management costs, an aging population, a shortage of healthcare workers, challenges in accessing services, timely availability of information, issues of safety and quality, and rising consumerism are some of the facts of today’s healthcare system.

Master of Hospital Management Eligibility

  • The minimum qualification for admission to Masters in Hospital Management course is a Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) in Arts / Science / Commerce / Engineering / Technology / Medical / Dental / Pharmacy / Agriculture or any other professional courses from any recognized Indian Universities.
  • One can do Post Graduate Degree after graduation in any subject. But the eligibility criteria for post graduate courses may vary according to the course and the institute concerned.

Master of Hospital Management Syllabus

The following are study related subjects:-

Sr. No.

Subjects of Study


Function, Medical Terminology, Basic of computer


Foundation of Management


Organization Behaviour


Health Economics


Quantitative methods of management


Principles of Health Service Management


Basic Epidemiology




Biostatistics related to Health & Hospital


Marketing Management


Human resource management


Managerial Accounting and financial Management


Health and Development


Hospital Organization


Communication in Hospital


Hospital Information system


Materials Management


Research Methodology


Hospital Administration


Legal issues related to Hospital


Planning of hospital


Planning of hospital & supportive services


Management of Specific Hospital


Hospital Stores Organization & Pharmacy


Administration of Clinical Services


Nursing Administration


Specialized hospitals and Super specialty centre


Medical Audit and its Administration


Quality Management in Health care


Non Clinical Services in Hospital I


Non Clinical Services in Hospital II


Health Insurance


Master of Hospital Management Colleges

Master of Hospital Management Course Suitability

  • Candidates should also have friendly personality; ability to handle people and pressure, ability to handle deadlines, excellent leadership skills that are necessary for it.
  • They should have quick decision-making capability based on up-to-date management principles and techniques; analytical and logical reasoning skill, patience.
  • They also possess excellent verbal and written communication skills to maintain functional relationships with the hospital staff, physicians and the community.

How is Master of Hospital Management Course Beneficial?

  • M.H.M. enables hospitals and doctors to better serve their patients. It Improved quality of patient care, Increased nursing productivity, Reducing the time spent by staff filling out forms, freeing resources for more critical tasks.
  • It also improves the quality of care, procedures and service to Patients. They can also go for hospital administrator jobs; hare they have to co-ordinate between the various departments of the hospital and have to ensure that all equipment’s are functional.
  • They are responsible for hiring non-medical staff, maintenance of hospital services, security, building the hospital brand, marketing, accounts, financial operations, planning and control for continuous supply of materials, management of the research and clinical work etc.
  • After passing Master Degree, they can go for further higher studies and can also join teaching fields.

Master of Hospital Management Employment Areas

  • Corporate / Public / Private Sector Hospitals
  • Clinic
  • International and National Healthcare Organizations
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • lecturer in College and Universities
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Nursing Homes
  • Mental Health Organizations
  • Public Health Departments
  • Pharmaceuticals and Hospital Supply Firms

Master of Hospital Management Job Types

  • Hospital Business Manager
  • Key Accounts Manager - Hospital Care
  • Manager - IR for Hospital Industry
  • Hospital Administration Manager
  • Direct Marketing Manager
  • Program Manager - Health Care Improvement
  • Management Trainee
  • Occupational Health Specialist
  • Agency Manager - Health Insurance
Colleges and Institutes
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B.Sc. (Hospitality Management)
B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)
B.Sc. (Institutional House Keeping )
Bachelor in International Hospitality Business Management
Bachelor in International Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (BHTM)
Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM)
M.B.A. (Cruise Ship Hospitality Management)
M.B.A. (Health Service Management)
M.B.A. (Hospitality)
M.B.A. (Tourism and Hospitality Management)
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