Future Continuous Tense

Identification of the Tense: - The event will be continuing in near future. Ex:-

  1. Rajan will be going to school.
  2. I shall be playing football.
  3. He will not be studying.
  4. Shall they be living here?

Usage: - In future Continuous Tense we usually use 

  1. First form of the verb + ing and
  2. Will be (with singular subject)/ Shell be (if the subject is plural or I)


In first sentence "Rajan will be going to school."
Rajan the singular noun is followed by will be and the first form of verb go+ing.

In second sentence"I shall be playing football"
I the plural pronoun is followed by shall be and the first form of the verb play+ing.

In the third sentence"He will not be studying."
Being a negative sentence not is being inserted in between will and be leaving all the rules in tact.

In the fourth sentence"Shall they be living here?"
In the interrogative sentences like this one where question is being asked the helping verb preceeds the pronoun/noun in the sentence. Whereas other rules of making the sentence remain same.

Use of Future Continuous Tense:

to express an action which will occur in the normal course.

  • I will be seeing him tomorrow.
  • She will be taking the examination in March.
    In this respect it is less definite than the Present Continuous.

to express an action that will be in progress at a given time in future.

  • At this time tomorrow we will be watching a movie.

in the negative, the Future Continuous Tense merely states that a certain action will not take place in the normal course.

  • He will not be coming to us tonight because he is going out.

in the interrogative, the Future Continuous expresses a polite question and not a request or invitation.

  • Will you be going to the market today?

Practise Exercise for Future Continuous Tense:-


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