Past Indefinite Tense or Simple Past Tense

Identification of the Tense: - Happening and completion of an action or event in past. Ex:-

  1. Rajiv went to school.
  2. I played football.
  3. He did not study.
  4. Did they live here?

Usage:- In simple past tense we usually use 

  1. Second form of the verb (in assertive or simple sentence)
  2. First form of the verb + did (in negative or interrogative sentence)


In first sentence " Rajiv went to school."
Being an assertive sentence Rajiv the known is followed by second form of the verb went.

In second sentece " I played football."
Singular pronoun I  in this assertive sentence is followed by second form of the verb

In third sentence"He did not study."
Being a negative sentence pronoun  He is followed by did along with firs form of the verb.

In fourth sentence"Did they live here?"
It being an interrogative sentence the pronoun they is preceeded by did and followed by first form of the verb instead of the second form that we usually used in past tense.

Example sentences in Simple Past Tense:

Affirmative Sentences Negative Sentences

I studied.

We studied.

You studied.

He studied.

They studied.

Vivek Studied.

Boys studied.

I did not study.

We didn't study.

You did not study.

He did not study.

They did not study.

Vivek did not study.

Boys did not study.


Interrogative Sentences Negative Interrogative Sentences

Did I study?

Did we study?

Did you study?

Did he study?

Did they study?

Did Vivek study?

Did boys study?

Did I not study?

Did we not study?

Did you not study?

Did he not study?

Did they not study?

Did Vivek not study?

Did boys not study?


Use Of Simple Past Tense:-

to express a past event or past action. The action is completely unrelated to the present. It is, therefore, used:

     1. When the time is given.

  • I met himyesterday.
  • She died in 1988.

     2. when the time is not given, but it is implied and definite.

  • I bought this pen in Bombay.

     3. when the time is asked for.

  • When did you meet him?

to express a past habit or regular action in the past.

  • Everyday she read a chapter of the Gita.
  • He never smoked.

to express an action which lasted for a period of time in the past.

  • She worked in that office for four years.
  • He lived in Delhi for a long time.

Practise Exercise for Simple Past Tense:-


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