Future Indefinite Tense/ Simple Future Tense

Identification of the Tense: - Completion of an action or event in near future. Ex:-

  1. Rajiv will go to school.
  2. I shall play football.
  3. He will not study.
  4. Shall they live here?
  5. I will not go if it rained.

Identification of the Tense: - Completion of an action or event in recent future.

Usage: - In simple future tense we usually use 

  1.  First form of the verb and
  2.  will (with singular subject or in conditional sentences)/shall(if the subject is plural  or  I)


In first sentence"Rajiv will go to school."
Rajiv the singular noun is followed by will which in tern is followed by first form of the verb go.

In second sentence"I shall play football."
I although represents a single person but always considered with plural pronouns is followed by Shall and first form of the verb play.

In third sentence"He will not study."
Singular noun in a negative sentence He is followed by will succeeded by not, which is placed to show the negativeness of the sentence.

In the fourth sentence"Shall they live here?"
It being an  interrogative sentence the pronoun they is preceed by the helping verb Shall to represent the interrogation of the sentence. Rest of the rules are as such.e

Practise Exercise for Simple Future Tense:-


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