M.Sc. (Agriculture Biotechnology)

Master of Science in Agriculture Biotechnology

Duration: 2 Years
Level: Post Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: Graduation and equivalent

M.Sc. (Agriculture Biotechnology) or Master of Science in Agriculture Biotechnology is a postgraduate Agriculture course. The agricultural biotechnology major is designed for students interested in careers as laboratory or research technicians in plant biotechnology, breeding, genetics, or physiology. Course involves two majors, namely plant and animal biotechnology. Agricultural Biotechnology will allow you to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the different areas of biotechnology, genomics and gene technology. Course helps to recognize the problems and to develop effective practical solutions to solve them as well as to carry out research, planning and design tasks. Agricultural Biotechnology offers an exceptional opportunity in a wide range of scientific areas.

M.Sc. (Agriculture Biotechnology) Eligibility

  • Applicants to the program must be holding a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science, biology, biochemistry, microbiology or related fields from an accredited college or university.

M.Sc. (Agriculture Biotechnology) Syllabus

The following are study related subjects:



Molecular Biology

Plant Biology

Cell & Developmental Biology

Analytical Techniques

Seminar/Journal Club/Assignment

Lab I-Biochemistry and Analytical Techniques

Lab II-Molecular, Cell & Plant Biology

Immunology & Molecular Diagnostics

Microbiology and Industrial Applications

Genetic Engineering


Genomics & Proteomics

Seminar/Journal Club/Assignment

Lab III-Immunology

Lab IV-Microbiology

Lab V-Genetic Engineering

Tissue Culture and Transgenic Technologies

Bioinformatics & Biocomputation

Molecular Breeding

Biotic & Abiotic Stress Biology

IPR, Biosafety & Biodiversity

Lab- I*

Lab II*

Project Proposal Presentation


Thesis Work

List of Electives


Molecular Virology



Industrial & Food Biotechnology

Plant Metabolite Engineering

Animal Biotechnology



M.Sc. (Agriculture Biotechnology) Colleges

M.Sc. (Agriculture Biotechnology) Course Suitability

Course is suitable to learn to apply in-vitro and reproductive biology techniques and to be familiar with molecular methods in agricultural biotechnology and gene technology. It helps to study the legal and economic aspects of agricultural biotechnology and gene technology. Students graduating from the MSc course will be able to apply biotechnological and gene technological methods and to take on various responsibilities as a design engineer.

How is M.Sc. (Agriculture Biotechnology) Course Beneficial?

Course is beneficial to identify professional problems and provide solutions and carry out planning, development and research tasks. It is also beneficial for further studies such as Ph.D.

M.Sc. (Agriculture Biotechnology) Job Types

MSc graduates will be able to work in agricultural research, in agricultural administrative or executive positions, or as specialists in a variety of agricultural production technologies, such as e.g. quality control, the seed industry, development and controlling of micropropagation and GMO technologies, protection of cultivars, diagnostic methods or environmental safety.

Agriculture Courses
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Ph.D. (Agricultural Entomology)
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Ph.D. (Plant Physiology)
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Ph.D. (Sericulture)
Ph.D. (Silviculture and Agro-forestry)
Ph.D. (Silviculture)
Ph.D. (Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry)
Ph.D. (Spices & Plantation Crops)
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Ph.D. (Tree Improvements)
Ph.D. (Vegetable Science)
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Diploma in Meat Technology (DMT)
Diploma In Production Of Value Added Products From Cereals, Pulses And Oilseeds (DPVCPO)
Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables (DVAPFV)
Diploma in Vegetable Production
Post Graduate Diploma in Agrochemistry
Post Graduate Diploma In Plantation Management (PGDPM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Post Harvest Technology
Post Graduate Diploma in Regulations in Agricultural Biotechnology
Post Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Sericulture
Post Graduate Diploma Pulp & Paper Technology
Post Master's Diploma Natural Resource Management
Agriculture Certificate Courses
Certificate Course in Bio-fertilizer Production
Certificate Course in Commercial Flower Production
Certificate Course in GIS and Remote Sensing (CGRS)
Certificate Course In Home Gardening (CCHG)
Certificate Course in Home Scale Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables
Certificate Course in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CMAP)
Certificate Course in Mushroom Production
Certificate Course In Mushroom Spawn Production and Cultivation
Certificate Course in Organic Farming (COF)
Certificate Course in Raising of House Plant
Certificate Course in Sericulture (CIS)
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Certificate in Agricultural Insurance
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Certificate in Bee Keeping (CIB)
Certificate in Farm Management
Certificate in Food Safety (CFS)
Certification Course in Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology
Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy (PGCAP)
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