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Education Articles, in a broad sense, can be referred as Articles which are specific to academic education and or articles which educate us about any topic or issue. In fact, any Article dealing with any subject matter is educational in nature, simply because it is educating us in an informal manner i.e. to say education in an unconventional academic environment. It is a matter of classification, how one intends to use Articles on Education, whether they are strictly specific to academic education and or related to educational environment, issues, solutions, like Career in Commerce Stream, Examinations For and Against etc., whether Articles about education dealing with current topics like Human Cloning – An Eternal Moral Dilemma and about education itself, like - Value of Education and Ambition in Students Life.

However, to Categorise and Differentiate – we can conclude that, there are:

Academically related Education Articles – These are Articles about Education related to Academic Environment – These are mostly written for One Specific Purpose, i.e. information relevant to various academic environments whether these are in Schools in India, Colleges in India and or Universities in India. These are especially targeted for a certain audience, i.e. students, teachers, professors and all those who have a connection with the academic environment. However, it is not necessary that they cannot or will not be read by other people. So their topics will be strictly focussed around their objective like guiding, advising, refraining, reforming and so on. They may guide students towards pursuing Courses after 12th, Diploma Courses in India, Courses after Graduation etc. They can deal with current relevant issues or can provide technical or study related material. They may also provide information on entrance exams in India with proper instructions.

Informal or General Education Articles – These are Articles on Education which are Informal in Nature and provide General or Specific Knowledge on various Topics. These are written for providing education in General. These articles about education are not specific to academic environments. Their audience is everyone, whether common people or professionals. These are written to create awareness about a topic or bring forth an idea or issue. They will involve all sorts of topics which can be of personal experience, biographical, current issues, important days, festivals and many more.   

Education Articles or Articles on education have a multidimensional role for a reader:

  • They provide ideas for an aspiring writer.
  • They are good source material for general knowledge.
  • They inspire and encourage to achieve success and happiness.
  • They are good material for debates, discussions, essays, short articles, research papers etc.
  • They create awareness about various unknown facts and aspects of a society.
  • They remove hidden truth and bring forth false and fake information which encourages negative sentiments in the community.
  • They inhibit good habits and encourage peace, harmony and well being of the society.
  • They stir the imagination of creative people like artists, performers, poets, lyricists, writers, editors and other like-minded people.
Articles on Education
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